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Did you hear that...?

With the implementation of the chatter system, I thought it might be cool if players had a way to add to it. For example, go up to a bartender and say something like "Did you hear that there is something going down on Fuller and Knife tomorrow?" would add "something is going down on Fuller and Knife tomorrow" to the chatter system for that sector.

Or maybe send that info to the gms for approval to be added?

Just an idea I had!

I really really like this idea!
Success/failure of this could depend on the charisma of the player talking to the NPC, giving charisma another more tangible application game. I know there are already a few applications to charisma, but it does feel as though it currently lacks mechanical punch compared to other stats.
*Dumps ue into charisma

*Goes up to bartender

Yo did you hear JoeBaka is a Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch?!

THIS. YES. I like. Especially with the charisma based success idea.
I really like this. Plus, a really high charisma means people will listen to you more. I sometimes feel like charisma is one of those stats that doesn't have enough applications, I might be totally wrong on this. But I think it would be really cool if you could do that, in that way let more people know of events you have planned, and also spread rumours about other characters in a mechanics manner as well.
Major +1
The charisma check for adding rumors is a very good idea. Would probably also take some manual checking of rumors so someone doesn't end up adding stupid spam.

For a sanity check, y'all could make each player able to store one message and that message decays over the course of a week.

I'd love if lore was integrated into the Chatter system for failed/shitty checks and basic deliveries. No charisma? No problem. Have I ever told you about the time Seven Ecks fought Judge Murphy? I think this would go a long way to preserving continuity of SD by indoctrinating newbie's who deliver basic goods to various faction and sector specific lore.

As for starting rumors, I think it's a great idea but requires some checks and balances. People die because of things other people say and price of admission should account for that.

This is an interesting idea but it has the huge downside risk of increasing the noise to signal ratio to the point where chatter becomes worthless.

I do not know enough about chatter to know if it is tied to factions or what the gating conditions are. I could see this as being useful for gang lieutenants to 'get the word out' about certain things. As was proposed earlier in the conversation, it would make sense to limit that to one or two messages per week / month to cut down on the spam / abuse potential.