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The set of two dice is great, but the amount of games you can play with it is a little limited. (There are still some great things to do with just a pair of dice, don't get me wrong!)

I'd love to see at least a set of three dice personally, Maybe even change the pair of dice to have a configurable number of dice rolled so you can broaden the uses for them without adding new objects to the game.

This is an interesting idea.

However, the title very much leaves something to be desired. Please review the BGBB etiquette thread pinned under the anything really section for examples of proper titles.

Customizable dice would be nice. The item could be priced similarly to the dice we have now, but just be called 'dice bag' that has a sufficient amount of common dice types for someone to roll with. I've also wanted to try some dice games out that have specific mechanics that wouldn't work with the dice in Sindome, such as hiding your results and showing your results, similar to playing cards.
This would be cool. I see no reason not to have something like this. I think the dice were probably designed so people could play street craps.

A dice bag where you could roll different amounts and types of dice (d20 anyone?) Would be cool.

My dream of someone running a d&d game within the moo would be possible!

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