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Describe, @Nakeds, and Chargen
Keeping meta and style separate.

As most of us know, the way describe is utilized and portrayed in chargen allows for an opportunity for another player to metagame if the character in question is otherwise disguised via a hood or other implements. Usually by the time the player gets their character into a disguising implement, they know about nakeds but why not give a new player/character the insight of giving their character some style and the ability to hide it when they discover disguises?

Changes for Describe

Instead of touting describe as where the new player puts in their eye and hair color. just have it be a very general description (height, build, a fair estimation on age, and any glaring traits or knacks that someone might notice right away, i.e. a Missing Limb, or an Injured Limb, tourettes, etc)

Changes for the @nakeds system

-@Naked "Pairs"

Basically instead of having it where you have to individually describe each limb players would have the option of describing both left and right appendages/organs/etc. i.e. @naked eyes(ears,legs,arms,hands,feet) is "blah blab blah" This would be an available option to anyone who is not missing a limb or has had something cybernetically replaced in one of those areas.Either that or have a "forced" description for the cybernetics or missing limbs when they become present.

-Introducing @nakeds to a new player or character in chargen and why they are important.

This is simple enough but having the player understand why keeping possible meta information out of their basic description is a good thing and some examples of how to creatively describe features, etc.

With both the @naked changes and the changes to explaining how describe should function, it "should" (not will) help new characters come out of chargen with more vibrant characters. As well for those of us who do use all our @naked messages it will cut down on the clutter of having to describe each individual limb. Of course this is just an idea so feel free to comment, criticize etc as you feel fit.

I agree, a degree of naked completion should be required before exiting chargen.
I think the game is hard enough on newbies already without not letting them into the game world without mandatory descriptions for every limb. Give them a chance to explore and lead by example with cool @Nakeds. If you do a good job, in time they will follow.
I agree with Reefer on this. While I get Hyperbole's point about clothing covering some, that's a pretty fine game point that sort of comes with time, maybe? Just like @nakeds are generally going to evolve and flush out as a person learns more about the game or as the player and character mature with time. As for the descrip showing things that are covered, I sort of feel like this is one managed by changing it to match disguises or normal clothing. That, or to be overlooked as good players when the @naked is covered with clothing or otherwise.

Just my 2.5 cents

I would have to agree that @nakeds should not be part of the chargen. This is something that usually takes me a day or two to get fleshed out. The description is something you learn about over time. My first play through, it took me weeks to learn about the disguise system, and after that I used the @macro system to switch my desc when I was trying to be discreet. I do like the idea of the @naked pairs, tho I'm not sure really how necessary it is. I personally just pick one side and use that for a blanket desc for both appendages.
Tip I acquired from Linekin:

Use your left @naked for your general, perpetual description of that body part. Use your right @naked for temporal effects on that body part if applicable.


@naked left eye is His eyes are round, blue and glittery.

@naked right eye is His right eye is bruised.


@naked right eye He has a rugged look on his eyes, looking stressed and exhausted.

"Now, you know it's up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Or... well, like Brian, for example, has thirty seven pieces of flair, okay. And a terrific smile."

That's how I see this conversation. If you want to express yourself, go ahead. But saying you must wear at least 20 pieces of flare just results in people wearing pieces of flare they have no idea what they even say.

I have to agree with Villa, what they described (haha see what I did there?) is what I've been doing for years. There is really no reason to describe both your eyes in different nakeds if you can do it in one. If they are the same, pick on side (left, for instance) and utilize it for both.

Why do we have two then? Well, good question. Clothing does not have to be worn in pairs in some instances. You can wear a left eye patch or a single glove on your right hand. Tattoos can be present on one hand and not another. This is why we have the @naked system that we currently have.

Use your best judgement. However, keep in mind that a very long description can take very long to read. Keep it concise but descriptive wherever possible. Remove duplication (IE: His left eye is blue. His right eye is blue.). Tweak it often, if you like.

-- S

Hello -

Chargen has been updated to provide better @describe examples. These examples are short and to the point. Help files have been updated to better present what we look for in @describe and @nakeds. That being, @describe should be used to give players a 'cursory glance' at your character. Height, weight, ethnicity, build, and anything that would definitely stand out such as if the character has painted themselves blue or something crazy.

@nakeds should be used for everything else. Hopefully this helps us all get on the same page from the get-go.

-- S

I generally use makes as villa describes. It works pretty well. At the same time I like how there is an naked for every body part. It is a great way for me to track how and where my character is hurt. I wouldn't want to lose that.
Is there any way we can get a "face" naked? I've put facial features in my main @describe because it doesn't make sense for a hat to cover a beard or facial scar, and some shirts cover neck nakeds. I've also used one eye to describe both eyes, then another eye to describe facial stuff but glasses cover that.

A face naked would also be kinda cool for adding more tailoring items like scarves or bandannas, or maybe even another disguise type item like masks as well?

+1 for the face naked request.
As a tailor, I tend to make hats see-thru, so it doesnt cover up the head naked.
Thats horizontally scaling work at this point in our evolution. Adding new body locations.
See-through hat is definitely a good solution for a lot of hats but some types cover hair or ears.

What do you mean by that, Johnny? Too difficult to put in?

I like to assign hair styling to the second @ear naked as a related trick.

So like, if you are making or getting a hat, you can make it cover that one ear slot and it will cover your hair, but not your "face". There are not too many things that cover the ears which do not also cover your whole head anyway (helmets/hoods/etc) so it's a 99% bullet proof way to manage stuffing your hair into under a cap with a bit more flexibility.

Plus! It lets you do additional things like wearing a bandana over your face (Head) and just having your eyes, ears and "hair" showing, while the rest of your face is covered.

body locations are a part of numerous systems and adding new body locations would require code changes to support them in those various ways.

- Nakeds

- Every Clothing object

- Every memento

- Combat message

- Combat tohit percentages for every other body location

- Attacks and what body locations are valid

- Wares

- Healing

It crosses responsibilities too, so its not just one person who needs to make all these changes. This is why people have such great solutions for getting the messages you want in your @nakeds - those solutions are vastly simpler and have been for years now. :)

Oh, yep. Message received, Johnny! Makes a lot of sense. Great solutions in this thread.