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Delay added to multiple blockades.
If switching from one blockade to the next, increase time.

I think it'd be more balanced and good for the game to add some delays, if not already in, and dependent maybe upon skillcheck vs skillcheck when it comes to moving from one blockade direction to the next blockade direction. As it is, it appears one vehicle can endlessly move from between blockaded position to another, essentially keeping a targeted vehicle in place with no chance for escape I think.

This is especially true if the vehicle that's trying to escape is turning around, as it appears (at least from personal experience) that the blockading vehicle can just go and blockade the 'turn around direction' without any delay, giving them an unnatural advantage over the vehicle attempting to escape.

Absolutely agreed. It should take at least as long to move a blockade from one side of a street to the other as it does to turn a vehicle, if not longer - the blockading vehicle is repositioning itself in a very specific location to choke traffic. That should logically take more time and effort than simply turning a vehicle already moving on the road.

Speaking of which, blockading a "crowded" street should probably have some consequences as well; traffic backs up, people get angry, etc. But that's likely a thought for another discussion.

Or you kill ambpop while you do it, with a chance to hit present PCs and other vehicles on the block.
Like have an option to sacrifice public consideration for speed. Want to keep the Hall from investigating a multiple vehicular homicide? Take your time, but your target might have time to slip away.