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Decker ability list
An OOC bandage

I suggested this in the grid 3.0 topic, but it will likely get lost in the comments.

How about the GM’s get together and decide on a list of things that deckers could xhelp/service request about for gm assistance?

I don’t think this is crossing that ic/ooc threshold, because it is not something most people could understand when creating their character unless they have been apart of those rare decker plots. I mean I think it is safe to say virtually every other archetype has some decent support and a good idea of what you are getting into off of the bat, so why not?

Even if it took creating a few item props real quick, you could come up with a decent list of possible activities, because as it stands, the general idea is Dick’s on nodes. 15 years ago when my node was hacked and the player tried to extort me for it back, my answer was “lol fuck nodes”. It seems like that still rings true. A bandaid for that archetype is kinda overdue.

Some things to consider;

Electronic lock bypass

Backtracking cameras to get the location of their hub

Immigration times/egress times

Cube rentals associated with SIC ID

That is off the top of my head. I’m sure you folks can come up with much better, and all any of this would take is a GM’s time.

I would really like this too, as I currently play a decker. I'm thinking stuff like bank info, at least transactions, balance or whatever, and maybe getting the SIC ID of someone's Grid account, even if the node has been cleaned. Identifying people would make a lot of sense to me. Et cetera.
+1 to this
As someone who'd love to drag Deckers into plots, this would be awesome if it didn't cross ooc/ic boundaries. If it was requested by them that would be awesome.

Of course it would be a list of what they could try, and not necessarily if it would be a slam dunk.

If this is implemented, please make it a list that checks your skill and decking and populates based on your skill. I wouldn't want to have access to this list because it's some pretty confidential IC info and it'd be great if it stayed that way - there should always be a little mystery surrounding just what they can and can't do, even to them maybe.
Jumping in again. I'm not sure if this would even be feasible, but it could be like Help Chrome, where at different levels of skill you see what different targets might be. Not sure if it makes sense for things to be gated in that way, but just an idea.
Well, the idea is only a list of things you could have them oversee, not a YOU CAN DO THIS AND IT WILL WORK.
Imagine going on a high stakes contract. As the planner, you need to build a team with the proper podium and skill. Guess who you now may need to include? That’s right, that pimple faced decker. Might have to bodyguard him, but he might also get you into that locked treasure room.

A GM is probably gonna be in there anyways in all real ness. All they gotta do is check your skills and stats. They can open every door 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Example 1 of many

I would love something akin of the list being visible based on your skill/stats and clear info that this will require GM help to work. Could be like the explosives where the better your skills/stats, the more you see, just that in lieu of automation you have to get GM assist.
Yeah, I'm p sure it's implied that the list is a list of SUGGESTIONS and you xhelp with GM's speaking about if this is feasible and the results based on your skills/stats.
I mean, it's a good idea to make it less or more visible depending on your skills, but at the same time.. it's just more work for the admins.

You don't need specific stats/skills to see the 'help chemistry' list afaik.

I would have loved this about six months ago before I quit my first time. Honestly, I don't see it happening though. That would require additional GM resources so I'm going to have to put that down at the bottom of the list of priorities for them. They have enough to do, and helping to make the decker archetype relevant to anything has been at the bottom of the totem pole for awhile now.

This isn't me being bitter, it's just honesty. The decker archetype has been second rate to combat or other archetypes for a long time. Even if you tried to test the boundaries outside of the "code" of what a decker can do.. it was a guessing game and most times was shot down from my experience. I'm not going to go IC at all here, but things that you would think a well skilled decker could possibly do (ok, for this one I will) "Like reset a grid password for someone that OOC forgot it.. was not allowed. This was after a veteran suggested they use IC means to do it in the help channel.

Too much crap that doesn't compute with the archetype, what is allowed, what isn't.. how do you explain that IC? You don't! It was left to it's wayside with an occasional bone thrown to a few characters. And I'm going to make an assumption here, but characters that could play for most of their awake hours. Ones that only could play for a few hours a day, they didn't count towards the grand scheme (They might have been type B players as was highlighted before, but as a Decker, probably type C..) aren't really part of it.

I wish I could log in and play for 6+ hours a day, but I can't. The thing is, at the end of the day who are the GMs going to put any kind of effort into? The ones that can play a little bit or the ones that can basically play all day because they can run their own drek and the code supports them? Even more so, the ones that actually require GM support to be semi-useful or the ones that have proper coded systems and can be useful off the rip?

It was a refreshing but hurtful time to realize that my character was reaped. I got no e-mail, or anything to state it was going to happen but being free of the almost two years of basically nothing was a relief. I got to start with a new one, and I won't touch anything grid related after that. I don't even want to use it period. I really hope your Grid 3.0 is something worthwhile, and it's going to suck for me when it is and I gave up before that.. but I want the rest of the player base that choose to play what should be a staple in cyberpunk, that they can finally play the archetype properly. Be feared as much as the combat toons that you put so much effort into and showcase all the cool things they get in town halls.

End rant, and I wish every day that I still had my character.. but it was too long of nothing.. I'm still going to play, but I won't touch the grid and I basically hate it now..

There is already a list Johnny and I had developed with I believe at least a few dozen activities for Grid 3.1 or Grid 3.2 to be integrated for deckers to interfere with the MOO world via the Grid 3.0 architecture.

Basically without revealing any details of the design, just put yourself in the following headspace and use common sense.

"Is it connected to the company network?"


"Can we take the data in that system, passcodes, employee records, transaction records, any kind of populated system data and make it useful IC for RP purposes?"


"Integrate it into Grid 3.X"


Yes, this includes hacking doors and other network connected systems. That's where the idea of passcodes comes in.

If it's grid-connected, part of some kind of infrastructure, you should expect with some exceptions due to game balancing that it should be behind some level of defence or ICE in Grid 3.X that is accessible by likely MULTIPLE deckers to get at. The more the reward the higher the risk, the higher the skill needed and the possibility of needing multiple people to get at it.

@SB410 I appreciate the teasers of what we'll be able to do, and the upcoming updates past 3.0 release, though I believe this thread was more for the purpose of giving deckers a list of what they can do with GM assistance -until- Grid 3.0 has come out. This is due to the fact we have no idea how long we'll be stuck with 2.0, and it's probably going to be a long while before it's released.
I think you may have missed my point a little bit. The list of what you can do in Grid 3.0 that Johnny has is the list the GMs have to use basically to simulate RP for Grid 2.0 based RP. If they go beyond that, they're basically setting a precedent for activities that won't be possible in the future, potentially.

And doing things that shouldn't be possible is one thing that senior staff have tried to keep GMs from doing for 20 years.

If the GMs need the list, if they don't already have it, they can get it from Johnny.

Ah, makes sense then. Well, it would help if decker players knew -somewhat- of what they were capable of, if that makes sense. Though Johnny explained on the XOOC chat the other day, that such things could be learned through IC means, however few. So I understand now if there won't be a list for us.
Well it was just a suggestion everyone seemed to like to break a cycle that clearly doesn’t work well. So many things get written off that even if it was not in that 3.0 list you could just say “sorry the WiThMoRe SpEcIaL technology has changed with 3.0 released can’t do that anymore!”. (Oh that special technology)

I caught some of that OOC-Chat convo, but was never about bypassing IC means of finding out, but rather shed some light on what GM’s were comfortable doing for deckers outside of coded systems until grid 3.0 came out. Grid 3.0 looks like the big fix. Looks great, but Johnny has a life and has no idea when it will be done. Can’t blame him.

Grid 2.0 does still come off as somewhat basic, code-wise. At least when it comes to nodes. I don't see why figuring out how to hack other 'basic' appliances would be so impossible to learn on your own.