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Death based chrome ideas
For that little bit of revenge

So this topic came up when Sulfurado mentioned something in xooc.

So here's some of my ideas for that type of stuff.

Thermite Threading biomod for corpse and item disposal upon death. It combusts your muscle and nerve tissue at 5000c and flash burns anything you had on you to a crisp. Leaving nothing but ashes. The kind of thing for Corpie Blackops where no evidence can be left. Cost: 150,000chy, in the form of a biomod that remains dormant and an activator with an activation time of 15 minutes to 1 hour, which would administered by a field medic with a medirite,

Cyberware Torso slot

Electric Boogaloo, has the effect of a high grade electrocution rig. 1 shot, activates on death, and knocks out anyone who cannot manage a set check. While also cooking your remains preventing revival. Good for cannon fodder you don't expect to survive the op.

VS Vibrant Visions II

Causes your corpse to begin secretting a substance equivelent to LN-2 in a gas form around you upon death, causes increased degredation and reduces potential of identification of body within 10 seconds of heart stopping. Biomod.

Hmm ... None of these could be legally sold in Withmore, so we'd need to figure out exactly how such black market gear gets around.

Big Kaboom

Connected to your heart and housed in your ribcage so when your heart stops beating, you go boom. Can't combine it with other chest chrome because of how it's installed, and a solid hit to the chest could set it off prematurely.

Also highly illegal.

Neural Meltdown Module

Head cyberware.

A fairly less dramatic of the cortex bomb, that can only be activated by the user's own volition. On use, it either sprays flesh-melting chemicals straight into the user's brainpan, or cooks the brain using microwaves. In either case, it guarantees swift death and near total destruction of one's brain, making resuscitation and corpse-cloning impossible.

Perfect for those wishing to escape torture and interrogation; a more thorough version of a spy's cyanide pill.

There's a fun one from way back:

Revenant Wiring

Basically, wires run through the (now dead) user's body. Upon confirming the subject's death, a basic combat system activates the wires and allows the dead body to continue fighting recently registered hostile targets. Works until the limited capacity battery runs out or the body is completely pulped.

As much fun as "Revenant Wiring" sounds in concept, it sounds like it would be a very hollow, very annoying experience in practice.
Yeah, it came from ttrpg. Probably would be a lot different in practice in a game like this.
I love all of these. Except Revenant Wiring would be great if, instead of fighting, it were set to run back to an assigned location.

Regardless, I'd love to see what sort of new gear certain out-of-town vendors could stock.

Video Decomposer Chip

Activates a video feed, streamed from the cybereye of the deceased.

System Shocker

Fries all cyberware upon death, rendering it useless.

Nanogen Capsule System

Upon death, rounds up as many nanomachines as possible, providing a reusable dose that is half as effective (and toxic to people with different blood types).

Death Knell

Upon death, plays a short, customizable audio recording on loop.

Expanding on NyanChicken's idea:

A device that monitors your heartrate, coupled with a transmitter. When you flatline, someone else's head goes BOOM. Needs a modified cortex bomb to be installed into the target and can transmit to more than one.

Ah, the Juliet.
Alternatively... why not just remote detonated cortex bombs? Very dangerous to remove. A little oh-so-needed incentive to not rat out your chummers at the first opportunity. At a 100k+ pricetag for the one providing said incentive, of course.