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Dating in the workplace

So... I was thinking about this recently. There are places that tacitly encourage employees to find relationships with other company members.

From a game perspective, that makes a lot of sense. InfoSec and all and it's far easier to monitor people in house.

I was thinking though, HR would have a field day with this. Nepotism?! No no no.

Anyway the thought crossed my mind if you wanted to stir the pot a little more, you'd make people in organizations with HR be required to have relationships outside of their workplace. This would encourage both conflict and RP in those organizations without having to do near anything else. People having a relationship in another organization are more vulnerable to leak things, turning lovers against their organization, all kinds of things. At the very least it would promote more fraternization and thus conflict between organizations. Additionally, you'd have another layer of illicit romance in terms of inter company romances that are sure to bloom despite the policy.

If this idea was taken seriously I think you would want to probably have some kind of grandfather clause for people who have established relationships. Maybe they could file a one time waiver with their corp while the policy was being enacted to be exempt. After that, in organization relationships would be verboten and they would naturally phase out over time as couples break up or are retired for other reasons.

There's nothing stopping anyone from citing a conflict of interest now.
Agreed. But the incentive is to NOT have that.

Every logical reason would say keep it in house for lots of game reasons.

If only one organization did it... well... it would just be a temporary thing that wouldn't last very long. Nor would it achieve the goal of mixing groups more to encourage RP and conflict.

I would think there would be significant pushback from certain in game elements that would make this hard to do without something like the recent changes on promotion eligibility to drive it.

I can confidently say corporate romantic relationships happen already, and often cause a plot-driving maelstrom of alliance and data sharing.

Sometimes they're at the same workplace and support each other's career against rivals, sometimes they are cross-company and share corporate secrets with each other, and sometimes they're even with unsavory individuals!

No need to encourage what's already taking place : )

If we need OOC policy for everything - so people feel comfortable doing risky business ICly, all is lost.

Oh I know they do. However, I disagree slightly in that this might encourage certain behavior or make things riskier for "safe play" which should be something to consider at least.


There are OOC policies all over pushing types of behavior that are good for the game.

The divide being a huge one.

Do you need this idea? No. But, I think that it perhaps would enhance interactions is all.

Anyway, I'll step back as I don't really want to be argumentative about this, nor do I passionately care about it. Just a thought that I had this morning on a way to help mix things up that seems themely and reduces some small worlding while perhaps fostering another layer of RP.

This is an IC problem with IC solutions.

However, like with service mixers, it may take some blunt GM guidance to make people realize that this kind of behavior is unrealistic to a high degree. And that these types of relationships shouldn't be actively encouraged.

However, I do not feel that people should be targeted for their relationships ICly or OOCly. I think that this shift should purely be a cultural thing. Perhaps mandates from HR at the top level that open fraternization and relationships within the workplace is not to be tolerated. That your business is your business. But keep it exceptionally private. Or perhaps during reviews, have them bring up any open relationships you might have. And explain your motivations for them and if they will interfere with your work in anyway. Or if you had a significant event in the workplace, lasciviously kissing, actually kissing whatsoever on the lips at the workplace, or coming to work smelling like sex, up too moosexing in the office. These should probably be noted and brought up during reviews and cycled around as things not to do.

I do see both sides of this argument. However, there does seem to be a bit meta strategy in the keeping relationships within the corp, as it works as a good insulating factor to keep people from leaking data outside the corp.

@ReeferMadness If we need OOC policy for everything - so people feel comfortable doing risky business ICly, all is lost.

I don't know if everything is lost, but its true that a big chunk of players abides by these types of thinking out of the game and want to have it enforced officially for anyone else. And I'd say that they have been quite successful in pushing this unofficially into the in game culture as of late and it shows all over the place.