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Metachrosis nanogens and containment system

Background concept -

Chameleon's change colors due to emotions, basically a visual signal of mood. On a molecular level, the skin of a chameleon is actually several layers of specialized cells called chromatophores which are able to change their pigmentation through the use of xanthophores, erythrophores and iridiphores - which bring about the different hues of yellow, red and blue. They also contain guanine which alters DNA and melanophores which are brown pigment with melanin in them.

Wired to the nervous system, these specialized cells are locked away in sacs and only released when discharged, allowing the color to spread out across the cells, effectively giving the a coat of paint, if you will.

Basic hues that could be worked into the nano-cells would be pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise and purple.

Dispersion is rapid, almost instantaneous and are controlled by the thoughts of the brain.

chemical breakdown -

Chromatophores are pigment-containing and light-reflecting ogranelles in cells.

Can be triggered by neurotransmitters (meaning they can be controlled by thought if correctly applied)

A limited physiological color change known as background adaptation which uses darkening and lightening of the skin pigmentation to mimic the immediate environment.

Chromatophores are usually generated in the neural crest of the neural tube. These cells have the ability to migrate long distances, in essence allowing the chromatophores to populate the skin quickly and completely.

If applied to the skin, they enter through the ectodermal tissue of the dermis.

Nanogen affect -

The nanos would be released as triggered and would adhere to the dermal melanocytes and change the human chromatophore-like cells into chromatophores capable of pigment translocation, resulting in an apparent change in color to effectually 'blend' with the environment around them. Flat, the dermal melanophoric nanogens would adhere to the thin dermis as well as stacking to create a DCU effect (dermal chromatophore units) that create an almost basket-like weave. These units would work simultaneously to both alter the pigmentation as well as reflect light.

unlike nanosurgeons which react to blood loss as the 'trigger' for action, if these are dispersed as nanogens, they would require some sort of conscious trigger and storage system. Therefore, a containment system chrome cyberware and then the nanogens into the containment system. And, the nanogens would be used up with each use, therefore over time needing new nanogens installed?

containment system of some sort attached to the base of the hypothalamus within the brain, linking it to the nervous system to allow for quick conscious release of nanogens.

side effects -

*-*cold-blooded species tend to have these - some effect from that - loss of heat regulation and loss of control of evaporation of fluid

*-*albinism for a period of time (loss of pigment)

*-*skin is thinner, more susceptible to injury

Skin quickterm

This would be a basic concept similar to the skinwatch. It would cater more to the fashionista than anything.

A small dermal implanted quickterm transponder placed on the inside of the wrist that connects to the visual overlay optical module. Effectively allows the user to access the grid via the transponder and visually read via the module.

Pheronanogens - Charisma enhancer

nanogens that emit sexual-based pheromones that trigger a social response in members of the same species. They are secreted and can impact the behavior of the receiving individual(s).

Similar to those of bees, ants, boars and sea urchins

Chemical process -

Specific chemicals are released into the surrounding media to induce a state of 'competency' in neighboring cells, altering DNA slightly into their own genome (transformation).

Humans are highly dependent upon visual cues but when in close proximity, smells also play a large role in sociosexual behaviors.

By creating nanogens which release a steady amount of the three axillary steroids (androstenon, androstenol and androstandienone), the subject human can affect the physiological behavior of those around them - effectually seeming more pleasing.

subdermal innoculator

A subdermal storage system of one dose of liquid which can be released into the blood stream.

A small, one-way shunt just below the skin on the inside of the wrist which is attached to a single-dose flexible vial and subdermal needle implant. When activated, the vial releases the stored injection into the bloodstream for quick dispersal. The vial can be refilled through normal means by the patient via the shunt. (See it being used for combat drugs)

1:3 ratio (normal drug vials consist of three doses.) This system would only take one dose at a time.

Love them. Great ideas.
I know this topic has been discussed over and over again in the boards, but as an cybernetics enthusiast i want to bring up couple of things i would love to see in in the game, in the future. First, like numerous of players have been asking, is el-cheapo cybernetic implants. I would love to see unstable, grubby looking chrome in the game. Then to the shit i'we been thinking about:

1. Prices. Presently chrome prices are manageable by even the mixers, which is cool. But i'm thinking that by increasing the price for high-end, "topsider" chrome; mixers would struggle more to obtain them. That creates a demand for cheaper, more unreliable cybernetics.

2. Cheap cybernetic implants would break more easily, cause more severe PDS, and require weekly/monthly attendance to stay operational. Maybe add a skill for makeshift repairs or something similar?

3. Ripper doctors and clinics would install chrome, even to poor, penniless mixers by placing debts on them like the Hall of Justice places fines and bounties, if they don't have enough for the installs. That would create a need for more bounty hunters when surely many will not be able to pay the bills and thus creating more RP.

4. Cybernetic deteriorating. While getting installed with cheap chrome, players would need certain level of health and endurance for the implants to fuse properly to the living tissue. Digesting certain drugs would increase the probability of the fusion, thus making every el-cheapo wearing player a junkie while "topsider" chrome won't have any of the previously mentioned downsides.

A cybereye module that could be linked to a monitor or even networked to someone else's video transcoding chip would be extremely great. Bonus points if it also worked as a camera and could secretly take photographs that could be reviewed by you later and displayed on a networked monitor.
I really like the idea of the "el-cheapo cybernetic implants.".

Sounds like something that should be in Sindome.

Forgot to mention cybersmiths. A new profession for constructing operational cybernetics from scavenged parts and broken implants. Naturally this would need a new skill to function properly.
cybersmiths? That would be awesome. Talk about a ripper doc's xanadu. Cheap, sub-optimal cyberware for the everyman! Personally, i like the idea for ranges of cyberware efficiency. Crafting this kind of thing would obviously follow rigidly under the less-than-optimal...except under extreme circumstances i'm sure. I don't, however, like the idea of degradation or stronger PDS. Maybe the lower quality stuff is harder on the system but stronger symptoms would kill the market for them as would degradation. Relying on being able to find other players to maintain your cyberware weekly sounds like -work- not fun.i cant even remember to pay on my locker half the time. Finally, i think you're right on the money as far as giving ripper docs more influence. Let them install homemade chrome...and then collect on non-payment. Tha's brilliant! They don't just collect the most recent install, they get to collect everything and create a ton of rp in the process. There was a movie about that once. I remember liking it but i can't remember the name now. Anyway, +1 to putting the scare into Ripper's, plzthx.
I love the ideas presented, and there are two general concepts in this thread I agree with (not that I don't like all of it, I'm just not picky on the implementation):

1. More chrome variety is a good thing.

2. Cybernetics is, right now, almost entirely an over-the-board, legit profession. The one major exeception/complicating factor to that is an NPC, and yes, people DO get killed for their chrome, but it seems a little unthemely for there not to be shady, shoddy cybernetic alternatives. (Possibly with side-effects that proper Saedor-made ones don't have, e.g. a minor chance at any given time for your back-alley SkillSoft to short out its connection with your brain and knock you unconcious out of the blue.)

Fleurty girl refers to the movie Repo Men.

I had that exact same idea for Sindome a few weeks ago. The only problem I could see would be the high lethality of the mix. What if someone steals your chrome before the ripper doc can collect? Now the doc has no chrome to harvest!

It's doable but it requires consideration.

A few thoughts on some of the ideas here:

1. Love the idea of cheaper, shoddier chrome;

2. ...also the idea of "cyber-smithing", but I think that, were this implemented, it should fall under the "biotech" umbrella;

3. Not so keen on the idea of bounties for installing chrome. If you can't afford it, too bad!

If we're looking to buff ripper/normal cyberdocs and to stop freelancers just stealing chrome, there seems to be a pretty simple solution:

Nerf the portable cooler.

Right now anyone who gets hold of one is able to store their chrome indefinitely. Maybe the portable cooler only works for a day or so before the shit starts rotting, or maybe it runs on batteries and has to be turned on?

That way Cyberware clinics can have a proper fridge that can cool forever, with no upkeep cost.

That'd fix a lot of the problems we have wouldn't it?

To be honest, I'd like to see /OLDER/ cyberwares, the heavy, metal kind that doesn't degrade. Basically the Progia 7 of cyberware universe. Heavy, clunky, reliable but people will laugh at you but damn, they sure can hit hard! They should be modifiable as well because they don't degrade at all, you can tinker with the wirings, install chips into a finger, etc. Chainsaw arm, drill arm, fingers with heavy pistons that can crush bricks with a squeeze, etc.

Let's see older generation, baby!


About 6 months ago I & some other players suggested adding cheaper/older versions of chrome that looked all cool and mechanical, but required a cyberdoc to maintain them once every couple of weeks before they fall apart. If I recall correctly the admins said they weren't interested in adding that kind of stuff, for whatever reason.

Memory might be playing tricks though.

Considering risk averse behavior results in cyberware being underused anyways, adding more risk into the equation just seems like it'll make people waffle around it more and not touch it. People being able to store cyberware fairly easily is fine, and making it significantly more difficult would probably just cause people to shy away from bothering with a secondhands market even harder rather than increasing interactions around cyberware.

Only allowing employed, tenured cyberdocs access to more permanent storage would result in anyone not playing around the same time as the few characters in that profession (not just skilled for it, but employed long-term for it) being screwed out of the interaction, as well as reducing the capacity for a more varied pool of characters to interact with salvaged cyberware.

If I remember correctly, there was a statement at a previous Town Hall or forum post that suggested that doing more work with cyberware was pointless because it's so underutilized as-is. This is a huge shame, because the cyberware in-game is extremely rad! If people want cyberware to be a bigger deal, go get augmented, yo!

If I remember correctly, there was a statement at a previous Town Hall or forum post that suggested that doing more work with cyberware was pointless because it's so underutilized as-is.

Then I'd -definitely- like to see something done to up its accessibility and/or desirability by addressing the problems with it, and one of the BIG problems is how corp-centric cyberware is. If you're chromed up in the Mix, you're a well-established, hardass Mixer. There's not a small, cheap aug that an immy can get two weeks past the gates to get him hooked on modding himself with chrome.

Easy solution (LOREWISE, that is, I'm sure it's a pain in the ass to CODE), imo? The cybersmithing skill, which I agree should be part of bio_tech. Throw some parts into the markets and/or dumpsters and/or make them salvagable from recycling chutes and let Mixer wannabe ripper docs make cheap, unreliable chrome- e.g. amplified hearing chips that ONLY amplify in the same room and can't be toggled on or off but DO cut out of their own accord occasionally.