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Cyberdoc customizes chrome @worn
Cosmetic options for cosmetic chrome

It would would add some fun customization options and gameplay for both cyberdocs and their patients if the administering doctor could customize the @worn text of some cosmetic cyberware in the same way that tattoos are applied.

Cyberlimbs and Studdlies seem like obvious options, since their function is social/cosmetic rather than combat-related.

Would let cyberdocs distinguish themselves creatively a bit more, and would give players some additional creative transhuman customization of their characters.

I've been thinking about making a post for this for a while now. Very much in favour.
I'd also like if you could bootleg or remove somethings... Like people really skilled with artistry and cybernetics could remove the logo's and the like from Cybereyes.
Forever in support of going to a shitty ripperdoc and having them fit me with a cosmetically ugly ass cyberlimb. I'm in support of this 100%
Yes. Always bugged me how little aesthetic/non-functional chrome you see on people besides biomods. Especially ghetto chrome.

This would be a very nice incentive.

Not trolling,

How much artistry should this require?

How could it be split between an artist PC and a cybermed PC?

Personally I don't really see a need for Artistry to be involved, since it's already the most well-supported and wide-ranging skill-set in the game.
You could get an artist to do designs on it if it was painted or so on. If it's just a ripper wanting to put a shitty-looking clunky-ass robot arm from 2034 onto someone, it'd be bullshit to demand an artistry skill be involved.
Artistry should be involved in the quality check... But not the check to customize. From there it would be up to players to self police. Similar to gangers with graffiti.

Want custom cyberware that will be able to be exposed at a operations meeting?

Need someone who either contracts with an artist for designs. Or is an artist themselves.

Want someone who can erase that nasty logo on your cybereye and make it look natural?

That's gonna take a decent artist, and a decent cyberdoc.

Just like every other method of creativity, from how you style your hair, to how you do your makeup, should be influenced by your artisty. Or someone elses direction and artistry.

Artistry is a wide ranging skill for a reason. As are literally all of the other skills in it's category.

If it's just a ripper wanting to put a shitty-looking clunky-ass robot arm from 2034 onto someone, it'd be bullshit to demand an artistry skill be involved.

The only reason anyone would do that (in the game that Sindome is) is because that thing you just described does not exist. So it's a custom job.

How, mechanically, is that supposed to be separated from non-custom cyberware?

How, RP wise, is it supposed to be justified based on the actual available 'wares?

To me it's either customization requires artistry or it doesn't. I don't think you can argue for "sometimes but not other times".

@beandip How do we justify props? How do we justify having multiple materials on the same piece of clothing?
I think that's completely orthogonal to this @idea.

You can't make ANYTHING from any piece of material without the skill. It's exactly the same as saying "It would be bullshit for artistry to be required for making a ratty-ass blanket I dug out of a dumpster and wrapped around my shoulders."

Anyway I stopped giving a fuck a long time ago what happens with artistry, but I did want to make sure it wasn't just forgotten about. If I hadn't brought it up, someone else would have.

Nowhere here have I said I think custom cyberware should require artistry, so, please don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm disagreeing on that basis.

Let's keep it simple and just say Yes or No, you want artistry-free customization or you don't.

You can make a genuine argument for Artistry to be involved in...almost anything, if you really want to.

Node design? Changing your hairstyle with an autostyler to certain styles?

Just because it could or even should be involved / required in certain things doesn't mean it really needs to be from a game balance perspective. As already mentioned, it's already a ridiculously strong skill. With a comparatively small UE investment, someone with a half-decent grasp of description and some time on their hands can make staggering amounts of chyen compared to almost any other skill in the game, so much so that the idea of breaking the skill up comes up pretty frequently. I'm not sure this is a situation that really calls for making artists even more in-demand.

That said, this is a great idea. The idea of different 'grades' of chrome has floated around many times and I've always been a big fan of it.

I think it's completely reasonable that an expert in cybernetics is able to design their own cybernetics without needing help from, say, a painter.

I also think it might be expected that a player self-moderate their character's abilities subjectively based on their skills and stats. Anyone doing very elaborate, quasi-haute couture cybernetics might be expected to self-enforce some investment in artistry.

I will say this - I'm not a fan of handwaving.

If there isn't an actual IC source for rippers or any other cyberdoc to acquire a 70-year-old robot arm, we shouldn't handwave it into existence by repurposing an actual harvested or purchased-at-retail cyber arm.

Now on the other hand, if someone wants their cyberdoc to fashion an in-game cyberarm object into something that looks like a retro, hydrocarbon-punk relic, that's different.

Maybe we need more 70-year-old robot arms!

It would interesting if (where cyberlimbs are concerned) PDS is directly related to how sleek the cyber limb is, so ugly cyberlimbs have lower PDS loads. After all, they are less biomechanically complex. That would give people serious IC reasons to get them.


Cyberlimbs are exceedingly rare in a setting where getting a brand new body is cheaper than a telephone with redial button. Think about that for a moment.

As for removing branding, etc. from cyberware? I think that SK corporation would probably send a guided missile from gold into your clinic and level the building rather than have you selling their equipment that's been reverse engineered or has had significant modifications made to it (but that's just my lore-nerd speaking.)

I agree that's accurate to the PC reality now, but I'd argue it's one area (along with PC biomods being so rare) where Sindome is out of step with cyberpunk as a genre.

Personally I would love to see transhumanist cosmetics encouraged, but have beaten that drum before.

Those are two completely different motivations for getting cyberlimbs.

Nothing about the first situation impacts the second motivation at all.

Clone out? "Aww damn, there go my custom cyberlegs."

@TalonCzar Cyberlimbs are still relevant to life, especially in the mix. Yes, it's cheaper to get a new body. But if you kill yourself to replace a lost hand- that's not great. I'd certainly xhelp it if someone I knew did that.

I agree with you with them still being relevant, however, I'm not so sure that they're relevant to the point of needing expansions on their coded functionality. Simply having them is something of a luxury, and says a lot about the standing of the person with them.

My point was simply that this seems like a decent amount of work for something I don't think most characters have even seen used in their lifetime. I know speaking personally, I don't think my character has ever been in the presence of one, and if they did it was likely covered by clothing and not even visible.


If you look even a little at Sindome's economy, you quickly see what a mess it is, because unfortunately gameplay and realism often don't match up. The whole point is that characters don't use chrome (the fluff-kind, at least) because it makes zero sense economically (and a few other reasons I won't go into).

The whole fact that you've never seen a cyberlimb, in a cyberpunk setting is exactly why stuff like this is so highly requested. It's one of the big staples of the setting and it's almost non-existent in Sindome. Making them customizable won't suddenly mean everyone is gonna be half-mechanical, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. The goal is more functional cyberware, and more, stronger reasons to get it other than just 'it makes my stats go up lol'. Let the more expensive models buff you up and be outrageously expensive. Let the cheaper ones malfunction and need repairs. Make it so that people NEED to get cyberware for injuries, not just luxury, and stop the trend that death is just a formality and 5k down the drain. I absolutely hate how prevalent that mentality is.

At the moment, Sindome is very punk, and not a whole lot of cyber.

I was hoping for support for this ages ago, and would love to see something like this implemented. My idea was for that super eccentric doc mixing high end artistry with chrome for some real flash cyber pieces.