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Custom object interactions
Sometimes I like to pose drinking a beer...

A command to combine "pose/emote" and "use" might be really neat. Say I was drinking a beer, normally I would type 'Drink Beer', and the game would auto-emote for me. I could additionally emote on my own, but there's always that auto-emote when I use the item.

What if i could 'puse .tilt my bottle back, letting a deep swig of cool beer fill my mouth before I .swallow deftly' instead? using up a charge of the item, while also adding my own custom emote to it?

Current messaging is standardised which is nice because other people know when I drink or do candy. That I am not just posing it,and that mechanical effects are being applied.

I am sure we could currently pose/emote drinking without mechanically doing it, but not sure how staff would feel if they found someone doing it? Dependent on the situation/character's skills?

The standardization is really important to make sure players know exactly what's happening. Otherwise, someone could emote that they were dancing, but they actually were doing hard drugs, and nobody would notice.



The web client lets you enter multiple lines before sending them all in. So you can do something like this:

.nod and .return to my beer.

drink beer

.sigh with satisfaction.

(To make a new line, I believe it's shift+enter on desktop. On mobile you have to paste a line break or let autocorrect add a line break. Or you can type it all up in a text editor, copy it, and paste it. Works each way.)

Just pose drinking the beer, smoking the cig, downing the shot, playing with your enote, brushing imaginary dust off your shirt. It's totally fine. Just trash the item, or intermittently 'use/drink' in between your emotes to get the coded effects.