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Custom Items
Little things

Originally posting an idea for a custom item idea, but thought maybe it could be a whole thread for various item ideas.

This one is an UrbanLight motorcycle fairing. It's also and idea that has been explored IC'ly. Nova underglows for your bike. Seems like a simply enough mod, IC for a mechanic to fabricate, and coding wise.

I'm not sure the title of this post accurately captures what you want. This seems like an idea for a specific item (or two) to be added to game. I'm not opposed to it. But it isn't really custom.

We don't typically do 'custom' stuff for a few reasons: there is a fair amount of work that goes into creating, describing, specing out and balancing any items added to the game. And when one is added, you can be sure others will want something similar. This is why we create generic parents (motorcycle tires) and then types of children that have different stats / descriptions / etc.

If you've got cool ideas, propose 'em, but don't think about them as custom things your character or a single character will get. Think about them as value adds for the entire game. More likely to get prioritized / coder / builder attention if you can make a case that way.