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Custom Combat Messages
Because I want to execute a custom flashy move

I think it would be cool if at a certain high skill level and a high enough specialization would allow you to customize some of your attack messages. I'm imagining a command that would allow you to pick body parts, and then input the message. Whenever you'd hit said body part there's a chance that your custom attack might trigger instead.

The custom attacks would not change the damage values at all, just only for aesthetics.

Since a lot of people are worried about bloat I suggest a limited amount of messages, maybe one when you first get it up to maybe four or five at max level.


I believe Johnny once percolated on this as a potential membership perk.
Another idea that I heard was that they'd show up when you specialize in a weapon, which sounds badass.
I'm in favor of this if you hire in-character artists to craft them.
Hire in-character artists to... come up with a unique way of shooting a gun? Or bringing a pickaxe down on someone's head?
A sensei/shifu/combat instructor type thing "teaching" you the technique and all ICly is probably feasible, but really only as a puppet or NPC to then 'grant' you the actual mechanical perk of having the message.

The effort of putting all that in over just letting you customize it like your other messages is unlikely to be worth it.

Don't fall for it, people, my post should have gone here.