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Critter Paydata
"Can I scan your pipe bomb?"

Maybe this is already implemented somehow, but I think it'd be a really cool idea for people with the requisite skills (be it decking-related or tech-related) to be able to hack into other people's critter-dex and uncover info about the items that have been scanned in. Just like how Pokemon Go and other apps track personal information and location data, these handy machines could have the ability to do that too. Maybe there could even be an option for a very expensive micro-transaction that prevents the critter-dex from tracking your info, or the more rare critter colors could have built-in security too.
It'd feel more themely for this to manifest along the lines of something like those with the requisite skills being able to hack things like SIC Puppy to harass / acquire invasive information about other folks, but since we got Pokemon before we got the matrix, yeah, 100%, I'm down with whatever goofy circuitous manner we use to make this kind of thing happen these days.