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Crawl when you regain enough energ

As it is, I've never successfully managed to actually crawl between the rooms, which seems odd as in the time it takes for some energy to recover (even when severely beaten) to enable actual move once more, my PC was still allegedly trying to crawl towards the direction.

I don't know if crawling is working at all, but it seems odd that it would take longer to crawl than it takes to recover enough strength to get up and walk. Maybe the timer should be at least tied to move regen, so when you will have enough energy to move, you will then cross rooms at crawl rate?

Crawling works, it just takes an extremely long while. Remember that 'rooms' in Sindome are basically parts of the street.

And when you input a move command you won't be recovering energy as fast as sitting down and waiting to recover enough to walk, you're still moving your body after all. Crawling only happens when you're EXTREMELY exhausted. I think it's a nice disadvantage.

If you're character is so jacked up they're crawling, they're done-zo. It takes an incredibly long time but that's because they're literally on the verge of death.
I actually agree with both the original posters and the follow ups. I think this is two tings though.

1. Should it really take so long to crawl from one room to another? Yes. I think it should. In fact, given my way, I would have it be impossible for you to even do that at the lower health levels.

2. Should characters on the verge of death be regaining energy so quickly that they can sit, walk, sit, walk faster than they can crawl? I don't think so. I think that health levels should have a far greater impact on fatigue.

I am quite happy to not be as fast by the cheesy sit/move 1 room routine, though I would also add a bit of grace period with that to new players. It's very easy, as a newbie, to get beaten up and stranded, with no friends to call onto.
The two week rule is there to make sure you have those friends!
remember kids, the real flash is the friends you make along the way.
^^^ This but unironically.
I've seen people walk around in 'critical condition' or 'barely clinging to life' like it's all chill and no problem, talking to everyone like they're not literally on the verge of death. I personally don't think it should be possible.
I think staff have said before that they trust players to enforce themselves on that and sell their injuries rather than forcing people mechanically.
I try to sell my injuries but when I was new to RP as a whole, I didn't even know how to. I've also seen people too often not RPing their injuries. Even if someone's in 'light discomfort' they are still in pain. Even though it's not much.

I don't suggest to force people mechanically, but a little pop-up message saying 'You are hurting in x places' would be really good. Especially since I use the @nakeds to find out where my injuries are since I can't look at myself when wearing stuff.

Instead of a message, make it like a command. Something you type and it tells you where you're injured, how you're injured and the pain you feel on said injuries. Would help RP and give people more of a direction to know what their characters are actually feeling.

You can definitely check your general state with ht though. Like you know you've been stabbed and cut with a knife in a fight, but you lost track or just don't know how severe it is. So you pull up your clothes/armor/shroud and check. That honestly is a great image visually.

Honestly, the people I've seen who just ignore wounds or even boast on sic that they have a total of 12 bullets in their body (as in, didn't get gunshot wounds treated and just let it heal on their own) or whatever usually make the conscious decision on their end to downplay it. It sounds like something we need to foster as a community.

I like to think as during combat adrenaline prevents you from keeling over in pain and stopping combat just because you're, say, in a critical condition or whatever. Then I usually play it off as me having to remove my armor or 'feel around' (check my @nakeds) to find out exactly where I was shot and I'm injured because adrenaline can prevent you from feeling all that realistically. Or, just pay attention to the combat rounds and notice where you get injured. Won't have to check nakeds then.