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Coverup Makeup
Because a wig and contacts ain't everything

Given that skin tone is now added to the game, I think it would be beneficial to have a foundation or similar cover up makeup to cover tattoos on a naked. It could add to an overall disguise bonus when wearing contacts and wigs or similar, but would come in handy for those who are doing things as an alias, and who have very unique tattoos or similar things. Maybe it would need a high artistry skill, maybe its just a cover up makeup that has a check to have it be convincing, but I think it would be a good addition to the game.


I like it! Though would probably require pretty good skill. Makeup like that is for stylists and pros.
Wanted to dig this bad boy up from the grave. Temporary tattoo coverup with makeup would be great for shenanigans rather than just chucking on a shroud or clothes. Seems this got some more support here too.
Thanks for resurrecting this.

Skin tone, wigs and contacts have been on my mind lately too.

help disguise explicitly says that players need to disguise their character from other players.


You should strive to not only disguise yourself from the other character, but also the other player! If they can't OOCly guess who you are via meta cues such as recognizing your characters clothing, you have won half the battle.

The obvious nature of contacts and wigs are MAJOR meta clues. They are so obvious that I do not bother to use them when trying to deceive other players. I (opinion of one here) feel that they are only useful for interacting with NPCs / staff puppets.

We all try our best to be mature and respect disguises, even obvious ones. But the reality is that very few players are going to put their characters in the position of losing when they're being setup by a character with obvious disguise items.

Frankly, I think wigs and contacts should just allow access to an arbitrary message when wear them with the appropriate skill -- something like @disguise-head and @disguise-eyes or something.

That is an interesting idea and I like it.

I am assuming that the @disguise-head and @disguise-eyes would replace the standard @nakeds.

Is that what you were suggesting?

Yes, that is what I am suggesting.

It would mean that wigs and contacts no longer have colors, but that's frankly just fine I think.

I like pavanes idea as well, though I would put that ability behind a skill wall - at a higher level than some of the things you already mentioned.

There -are- ways to work around some of the mentioned issues. All of them, in fact.

In any case, +1 Pavane and +1 for cover up

With the exception of skin tone, I think. Sorry for the double post.
I cannot stress enough that exploring avenues for disguise/makeup ICly like all other in-game systems should be done. Some of the features called out in this thread exist.
FML. One more. Keep color on wigs and contacts - you just have to change your nakeds within those parameters if you want it to look legit.