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Corpie slang?
How do you do, my fellow ace wiz chummer manos?

One thing I've noticed is a seemingly distinct lack of "corpie" slang lately.

Corpies trying to use Mix slang sound like sympathizers, dumbasses, tryhards, all of the above or more. Outside of tongue-in-cheek Juicy V lingo and obvious business jargon, what are some other ways to reinforce your corpie pride through the use of vernacular?

Doublespeak, of course.

The point of Doublespeak is to purposefully obscure, disguise, distort, or otherwise hide the meaning of a word behind some seemingly nice sounding ones.

You don't "get someone's ass fired", you "do some corporate restructuring".

You don't "bomb the shit out of the place", you "service the client".

This can be applied right down to the actual inversion of the meaning of words: You don't have war negotiations, you have peace negotiations.

The point is to defend the indefensible and excuse the inexcusable, making the ugly things that go on in the corporate sector seem normalized and acceptable. It's just part of how business is done. We're not talking about mass genocide, we're talking about a demographic restructuring. We don't murder people, we sentence them. They're not filthy mixers, they're paying clients. And we're not robbing them blind, we're providing a needed service at competitive rates.

I like where MegaCop is going with this. If you want some excellent thematically correct slang / jargon / ideas-- I recommend Richard K. Morgan's Market Forces. It's... really good. I think you all will like it.

Here's the thing people-- if you search for 'mixer slang' you'll find a topic which looks very similar to this in which I post a list, very similar to the one I'm going to post here. The people that took part in the conversation, years back, had the same issue in the Mix that we have now!

The slang at the time amounted to: chummer, sam, chum, and street sam.

We then introduced new slang! Baka and Jakes for instance. I love baka. It's my favorite slang word. And the jakes is an old slang for cops that I used to use whenI was a kid. Works really well right?

I wasn't an admin when I started using these. I was a player. And today, a lot of people use them and I'm not a player and barely ever GM. They are just part of the game now and people use them. Why? Is it because the admin forced them? Nope. It's because the -players- are the trend setters. You all. Everyone reading this. You set the trends. You make the game what it is.

Pick some of the words below or the words from the list. Post your favorites. Use them in your RP. Modify them, change them, explain their meaning ICly. Get others using them. Some will catch on (baka) and some will not be as successful (gato).

The technique I used was to write out what I wanted to say and then reference the list of words I had picked out as really cool and great for RP, and then drop in those words where ever I could, in every to/say/pose I used. After a day or two of this it started to just come easy!

"I'm looking for a friend of mine, he got killed a while back but I know he cloned."

"I's lookin' fer at bata ah mine, chummer got aces ah while back but I know he made through da long walk."

Here are some of my favorites from just the A's in the link I include below:

Aggressive mediocrity (n.)

A conscious effort to ensure that the bare minimum, and nothing more, is achieved.

Agreeance (n.)

A fancier way of saying agreement. "Are we in agreeance?"

Anecgloat [n.]

A story designed to make the speaker look good. May be partly fictional.

Animal spirits [n.]

The irrational optimism that drives people to risk their life savings on a half-baked start-up idea.

"I got this slum lord Mixer communing with Animal Spirits, he's going to invest everything."

Apple polish [v.]

To suck-up, flatter.

Arrows to fire [exp.]

Points to use in an argument. "Now if you don't have any more arrows to fire, I think we're finished here."

Here is a great list of modern day corporate slang. How about we go through this as a unit and find some above board slang we can all incorporate into our day to day's in order to raise the level of corporate slang and produce some really excellent synergy?

Absolutely perfect, Slither. Thank you so much!
Megacorp said that better than amazingly. Also, baka is actually Japanese. Just sayin.

Keep in mind that a lot if the slang is not Mixer / Street specific (aside from a few including Jakes).

I know several of these, looked up some, and have seen others use some in situations which make sense:


plugged in / jacked in


twitch (My co-worker's a frackin' twitch and now I'm stuck with the backlog. [someone who isn't trustworthy / can't do their job])





blade (a doctor or a knife / sword)

chummer (technically "choombata" too but many dirty Mixers use that word)

ace kool


call girl

input / output (gf / bf)




dip / dipped


cold tea (We're gonna get some cold tea at Grunen's.)

desk jockey (I-I-I can't h-help you. I'm j-j-just a d-desk jockey, mano.)




drop out (returning to earth. I can see a pilot say this.)

dock / docking / jamming / user interfacing (to have sex with)

finger (to point out)

handle (your "name", though could be used instead of Alias for your SIC alias)

plastic (not real; fake)

rags (clothing - That shirt costs five thousand. Those rags are just that, rags.)

take (on the take),

pineapple (bomb squads would use this)

term (a street/quick/liteterm)

chip (credchip)

soft (skillsoft)

socket (cyberware skillsoft socket)

flash (money)

(Mano, you want to settle up via chip or flash?)


Ace whiz, my exec.
Excuse me while I sigh at the "if" above.

* a lot of the slang ...



Ace wiz!

Aces, Caffeine.

(Also, Corpies would also use Wiz when looking to hire someone for something:

Hey, mano, I'm looking for a decker for my new biz. He's got to be a wiz.

I know just the cowgirl.

Oh, she's a looker too?

Yes, but she'll rip your balls off. Factually. She's got Nailz so don't think 'bout docking her. Keep your term on you and I'll send you a dossier.)

(There is a slang term for Dossier but I don't remember it offhand. There's "paydata" which would be used Topside too.)

Its a GoTo :-)
Mister Johnson

That would be used though I noticed it rarely comes up. Oh, and keep your sexy imaginations out of the damn gutter, bakas.

MR. JOHNSON - Refers to any anonymous employer or corporate agent.


Oh, right.

Thanks. :)

I literally never thought of that cyberpunk term in that way before. So who has to fish their mind out of the gutter here, hm? :)
Trash car - The kind of cobbled together vehicle a Mixer would drive.

Garbage People - Derogotory term for the people of the Mix.

Trash Town - Another way of referring to the Mix. IE: The garbage people of trash town.

Garbage Out - A phrase used by corpies to call for the expulsion of the garbage people from the great city of Withmore. Commonly used on SIC as a reminder that The Mix is full of second class citizens with no power.

Bakalaka - Bastardization of baka made popular by Juicy Vee. Used only by corpies, primarily corpie kids.

Corpie slang, at least from what I've seen in a considerable Cyberpunk portfolio, is usually peppered with Japanese (remember Japan taking over the world is a common CP theme) and obsolete Latin words, along with fairly long turns of phrases. Basically, dance around what you're trying to say as much as possible;

Samurai? Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. Would you like to meet our ballerina?

You didn't die, you got liquidated, a bad case of the measles (if it was supposedly accidental), ferried, or you were forced to make a deposit in the (body) bank.

In a similar vein, you might not have a solo as much as you have a disposal specialist, always willing to reconfigurate or otherwise kindly persuade your treasured friends. In more extreme cases, you might have to send him on a garbage detail in the city's combat zone. If it's REALLY extreme, you'll have him perform a monkey trick, one where the monkey isn't going to come back.

You get your intel from a pony or his/her faceman, which you use to compile neat skeletons or catalogues about that one sarariman you'd really like to see promoted or reassigned.

Point is, where 'Mixer' slang is nuspeak mixed with Russian, suits use old words and business terms to twist the meaning of, and pepper it with the occasional Japanese.

In any case, I'd really like to see more and more suitspeak around, if only for that sweet divide, but that's just my two chyen.

I like the slang suitspeak. Mixers should use that to describe how corpies talk.
Stumbled across this and bumping it. As other people have said, Corpies should try speaking in double speak as much as possible. The slang used by spies also has a wealth of slang to alter and put in RP for flavour.

Just some examples:

Asset - Property or Personnel.

"We have an asset in Red who can help."

Babysitter - Bodyguard

"Send a babysitter for the CEO."

Cobbler - An individual who creates legit or false documents. Could also extend to Hackers.

"You best go see the cobbler about your Grid Node."


A mechanism or person used to create a compartment between the members of a group to allow them to pass material or messages securely; also a middleman who functions as an intermediary between groups.

"We got the message from a Cut-out that they are stealing our research."


A individual operating without cover, backup or without public corporation support.

"She's naked and on her own."


When an operation goes bad and an employee or contractor is arrested.

"That project is rolled-up."


To delete specific material or revise a report or other document to prevent the identification of those involved.

"Sanitize last night's report."


An employee or contractor considered expendable. Could also extend to immies.

"It's too risky. Send a throwaway."

I love the idea that riskier corporate communiques should incorporate deliberately vague language for plausible deniability reasons.