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Copy and paste e-note files
Just some QoL suggestions

As of now it's not possible to duplicate an e-note file i.e. copying and pasting it from one e-memory module to another. If you really want to copy something to a new module you have to open the file, copy the entire text, and paste it into a new file.

If I wanted to share a file with a chum so they could edit it on their e-note, for instance, or if I wanted to keep certain files on two different e-memory modules as a 'backup', right now I have to do it all manually as I described above, which does not seem realistic.

Also, just a quality of life suggestion - could we have a prompt when we 'rm' delete files from an e-note that says, 'Are you sure you want to delete this file?' Because currently there's no way that I know of to recover deleted files. We get an 'are you sure?' prompt when deleting folders, I think for files it would be useful too.

These seem like reasonable suggestions to me.
Remove confirmation is in. The copy stuff requires more work, as I need to figure out how to handle it when you have multiple e-mems connected. I'll put it on my list for when I refactor e-notes/chip readers into the same system, which I hope to do when I've burned down more of the @bugs.
Awesome, thank you so much!