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not drugs

So, I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been a thing about this before (at least not that I could find with the search function). But I think it'd be neat to have cooking in the game. I mean, I know you can make preset food at certain places, but I'd really love to be able to have a character who can make their own food.

There are a couple of ways this could be done, but I think the simplest might be along the lines of how making clothing works. You get some base item like 'poor grade ingredients' or 'fancy ingredients' and then make it into a meal, setting the description, taste, smell, whatever else all goes into food. You'd need a kitchen or fire or something to 'cook' the food on (even if it is cold food or whatever, gogo mechanics), much like you need the various tools for making cloths.

I don't think it would need to be attached to any skill (I mean, a cooking skill would be neat, but way too specific, and artistry already covers about 20 absurdly different areas), unless maybe it was a 'side skill' kind of like languages are.

Actually, I think more side skills like languages would be really cool, but that's for an entirely different post.

There's definitely IC means available to do exactly this already. I can think of one player run business that utilized this facility.

There's a ton of casual games that do this. I find them to be insanely boring. Redoing them in text isn't going to make them less boring. Personally, I'd rather RP it. Less restrictions, more opportunities for flair. And less bloat in the DB with ingredients and other crap taking up valuable space which could be better spent on bullets and knives, and other (retro?) futuristic wiz bang.

Finally I'm not sure what you mean by "more side skills like language". Language is about one of the most important skills out there. You may take take for granted that many players and NPCs have "fluent" skill in English, but the RP opportunities afforded to you when you speak more than one language are so much bigger than some of the other skills.

"And less bloat in the DB with ingredients and other crap taking up valuable space which could be better spent on bullets and knives, and other (retro?) futuristic wiz bang."


I know that the items in kitchens are: Choose number, meal made, get meal from the kitchen. And I do see your interest (I've had similar interests in other games), but in this type of game, you can just RP that and the important stuff, which you see in CP2020, Shadowrun, CP genre, would be what can be worked on (like what the Builders have worked on, and Jinx and his insane calculations with weapons & armor & the Matrix & Grid, plus the concept of Techies having more to do since CP *is* tech).

But I've seen someone RP making the item. Due to the circumstances I can't go into due to it being IC, they stood and posed the making of a certain item at the kitchen, posing the scent as well before using the kitchen and retrieving the item to bring it to me.

Something so simple like that stood out so very much (combo because of the instance and the pose, true) and so, you can just pose the making of the sandwiches or other items.

Pizza and some other things are hard to get. Restaurant owners united and the Grocery Store got paid off to not sell the dough, et cetera. *playful wink*

Note: It's just coding actually and it's the buying of the separate parts in that one food dish of the food dishes available, which happens when we do purchase the food item in the store. The coders have done a fantastic job making the foodstuff to buy a reality (even with the teas - that was quite something too). (Hold self back to not inundate the coders with thanks.)

I think this is a great idea. yes, it's true, that it could just be roleplayed, as Kuzco mentioned. However, I think we could use some diversity in this game. We already do have lots of code, not to mention the code I'm sure that's already being worked on, that's geared towards weapons,a dn what not. Which is great, since conflict is what this game is about. However, I don't see anything wrong with a little more diversity, even if it's something small like cooking.
Maybe it's because I like to build things (and in other games, you can build/make foodstuff), but I would prefer techies be able to do more.

I can't truly see what use being able to combine your own ingredients to make food is.

You can do this with drinks, true, but aside from some social RP value which you can just pose, I don't see the use of this?

I'm not saying I'm against this before feathers are ruffled. I just haven't read an argument FOR having this in the game aside from personal interest and some diversity. I'm willing to hear the argument for. (Having additional language of Chinese can bring a lot to the game due to certain IC groups, but making your own food?) What can this bring to the game? :)

@ShinMojo - I think you're totally misunderstanding what I want out of a cooking system. I don't want to go to the store and buy vegetables and milk and stock and beef and seasoning and magic it together in my kitchen to make a stew. I want to be able to just use a single item "Basic prep food" and turn it into a dish, in basically the exact same way that tailors currently turn "Random cloth" into dresses and pants and jackets and everything else.

Implying that it would take up too much space in the database is... beyond inane, I'm sorry. I'm not even going to touch on that, other than to say it's impact on game performance and so on would almost certainly be below negligible.

I do understand that you could RP it out, and serve an entirely non-existent meal entirely through RP but... well, the same could be said of tattoos, but we have a system for doing tattoos. The same could be said of clothing our characters (No reason our @nakeds can't just include clothes) Yet we have a really neat tailoring system. Heck, the same could be said of fights, yet there is a really big system in place for that.

I think this could provide some interesting possibilities for characters, in the same way that tailoring does. I also think it would be relatively easy to implement. Not saying it could be punched out in a night (Well, maybe), but it could 90% be pulled from the current tailoring system. I very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into coding such a big game, which is why I proposed a way to add an interesting new thing to the game that would require as little effort as possible.

As for side skills, what I meant was skills that don't count towards the maximum amount of UE your character can have, which would be languages. I didn't mean that languages were useless or anything like that, I just think it would be nice to have more skills that could be dabbled in a little bit without fear of 'messing up' your character (And yes, I know it's not really possible to mess up your character, but it'd be cool to be able to be the best X you can be, but still have a few other little skills to highlight other interests).

Crafting, what I put cooking into, is already in the game in several ways. Some bad, some fair, some great... But at the moment it isn't a top priority.

We do already have subsystems and proto-subsystems that would enable what you're asking, and they tie heavily with the future of not only cooking but crafting as well... In the end it will be a waaaay more complex system that what we already have and will allow to make sic-bol with noodles, sauce, veggies and ground meat.

At the moment we're focusing on developing systems and subsystems to support all skills in game and while you have something that can support you for a while by doing poses and emotes and then using the kitchen, there are other skills that need a lot more caring.

It is on the list, there has been some proofs of concept but there's a lot of work to be done there yet. And other stuff is in the way.

tl;dr: It's on the List™ but not on the top

BTW if you haven't met the current in game kitchenettes, cooking counters and others, have a look. They will create food from it's stock of items. You can also change what you can do by buying different ingredients at a store and restocking it...

I absolutely agree. if there's a way to increase diversity of this game, and make it not so horrible difficult as far as coding goes, I don't see why we shouldn't implement it. Just as it was said, there are many things in this game, that may not have a direct purpose, but it makes this game diverse, and appeal to a wider variety of audiences. Okay, not saying someone would join the game, just for the cooking system, just saying that anything to make the game more diverse, and a bit more well-rounded is a good thing. On top of that, if it's possible to do it, with out whole lot of coding, then that's marvelous!
I'm glad to hear that it is something that is on the radar. I sort of figured it might be, because I was so surprised when I couldn't find anything about it from anyone else before now.

And yes, I have used the in game cooking things, and done some RP with actually making the items instead of just popping them out, but I just thought it'd be nice to have a way for players to contribute new food, so that not every type of food has to be made by GMs, in the same way that tailoring allows for not every piece of clothing in the game to be hand made by GMs.

Actually tailoring is one of the biggest generators of database bloat in the game... Admin have to be constantly sorting from a sea of bad tailored items to find a couple that might be scratching the standard to be kept in the game...

Some above the standard items are then turned into retail items and then made available to buy copies of it.

But if you want to help create items in the game, ask the admin about providing descriptions on demand.

Custom messaging is a huge source of database bloat and we won't be letting you ICly create entirely new food items with new messaging. You will eventually get to mix and match ingredients from your kitchen to make new forms of existing food recipes.

For example, at some point we'll have a hamburger 'reciped food item' that defines the basic messaging for a hamburger - how you eat it, what it looks like when you taste it, how you finish a hamburger. These properties will be common to all hamburger varieties.

From there, we establish known recipes that would design a 'burger with cheese', a 'burger with cheese and bacon', a 'burger with cheese and bacon and ketchup'. Etc.

Where you will come in is getting to use ingredients you have in your kitchen (that you purchased in order to support making a different food item) to make new recipes. You could take mushrooms you have for something else and include them on your burger.

This is what the future holds for food. And yes, it will use skill. :)

That's awesome. I've seen -several- people now really into roleplaying food, so more power to them. I've had fun playing along, too, and have incorporated more food fun into my char's life, since. It adds, pardon the pun, flavor i think (i can't believe nobody used that one yet). I think it will also be fun because if its skill based i want to make really -shittttttty- food. The kind where your friends have to gulp it down and pretend they don't want to die.
Ah, the airing out the kitchen of burnt smells and smoke.

The 'hope you don't get food poisoning' look you try to suppress on your face.

I like the idea of taking ingredients from other things to add onto something else.

Admins seeking input on experience messages?

Bad food, prepared by someone who got a critical-fail crafting roll:

"You double over, clutching at your guts, and retch so loudly it stings your throat - BEFORE the stomach acid is wrung up through it as painful heaves continue to wrack you."

Good food, cooked by someone who got a critical-success crafting roll:

"You are literally coming. Over and over. And over."

*roll eyes to the ceiling in response to Vetra's post*

Good food > unknown modifier of sex it seems. (Kinda have to agree.)

Bad roll result and resulting RP of Player who is to eat overdone food:

Player takes a bite of the food with questionable seasoning and pauses before they smile what might be a forced smile around the food as they look at Player Cook. Chewing once, Player says "It's.... good." and forces the bite down their throat.

Saedan popped in for a little bit recently. He's super busy IRL flying around the world being a coding ninja for hire, but since he was around our parts for a little, I asked him to tackle this medium-sized task.

He busted out the Generic Food Preparation Counter. What you'll be able to buy and have installed in your kitchen as a 'chefs island'. Please note, you need a kitchenette (or renamed kitchenette) in the same room for it to work.

What's it do?! It's primary command is craft!

craft using chefs island

This command will let you craft a new recipe for one of the reciped food items you have stocked in your kitchen. All the ingredients of the items you've been buying in the grocery store and stocking in your home kitchens will be available for you to remix into new recipes using craft. Once you've successfully crafted something new, its a custom recipe of yours that you can prepare.

prepare on chefs island

You need to prepare one or more of your custom recipes on the chefs island before you can cook them in your kitchen.

Have fun coming up with crazy new things. This should make every new reciped food item type we release even more fun!

This is AMAZING!

Only thought (and maybe it's not possible given the way the syntax appears to be constructed) but some variety in the realm of 'sweets' for options or mixed drinks might be really cool. Like even just the framework for a generic 'cake' or 'drink' or 'soup'

Hell if you need someone to write generic echo lines for the 'eat' and 'finished eating' messages I'd do it.

Besides that and regardless of that thought, this is really really cool!