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Convert elevators in large buildings
make them more and make them more themely

So people complain a lot about how when chasing people in a building, the elevator is often the MAJOR sticking point that shuts down the scene. That basically destroys the possibility of catching the target and or it's easy to be trapped in a location because someone sends the elevator to every location.

My suggestion is this... Convert elevators to banks in major large buildings that warrant it, These should be obvious. Into banks. With multiple elevators handwaved as being there.

Meaning if someone gets in on a floor, they press the call button, a door opens and they get in. That door remains open... But keyly, when the elevator moves, the next person who comes along, can then immediately call and open the door again and get into their own dynamic elevator room. And head down or up of their own volition.

You could also have a max number of elevators that can be moving, per building. And so on, but that's not the core of this idea.

It doesn't make sense that everybody uses the EXACT same elevator in a building that is supposed to house 10,000+ workers is servicing all of them.