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Command to display playtips

A way to see all the playtips you've viewed thus far would be very nice... Don't know how feasible it is but it would make completing them a bit easier cause you'd be able to see what you have done.

It would also allow you to review them, and see what the tips actually were and that's always good for a chuckle, given that they are pretty well written.

Waste of time to implement in my opinion.

I haven't thought about the play tips I've gained since a few months after I started playing. Also, don't see how it would make completing them any easier...

Me say Nay.

I actually prefer not to have them viewable. I'd rather not have immies acting irregularly as they run around doing whatever they have to to get their bonus UE. I'm not saying that everyone would do this or that obscurity is the golden fix but I'd rather not tempt new players.
I'm missing some and it's driving me nuts. I wish I could have hints to complete them!
Me too Supermarket, I'm wracking my brain to figure out what the last 6 are on my ticker. They are a nice surprise though, when you stumble upon one.