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Combat Chrome
For those red text junkies out there.

Missing from Rhea's block of posts: combat-specific chrome suggestions.


Hardened ceramic plating on your shins and forearms to increase your unarmed striking power, as well as allow you to effectively block attacks from bladed and blunt weapons.


Subdermal telescopic blades that are implanted on the backs of one's hands. Allows martial artists and boxing specialists access to piercing attacks that are more effective against armored foes.

Mantis blades for sword fighters.

Mantis blades are lame and more similar to Tonfa's which would be a melee weapon. They have no real way to wield them in a naturalistic sword like fashion. Because they are attached at the non-flexible point between the wrist and elbow.

I'd love to see something like a telescoping rapier or wakizashi chrome. Where the weapon telescopes from a point on the palm and then rests at the low point on the palm of the hand. This would also fit in better with the other cyberweapons we have which are all hand based replacements.


Robocop hollow thigh, but instead of a machine pistol, it's a telescoping sword.

A Martial Arts cyberweapon wouldn't even need to be a weapon (although I do like Talon's idea, I'd just have it be invisible and all under the skin, which may be what he's suggesting anyway) since I've seen MA users complain they're forced to use a certain weapon to be competitive, rendering the unique styles void. Could also be something like electric discharge plates in the hands/feet/forearms/legs, allowing parrying and thematically enhancing damage with electrical shocks (burn damage?)

Another cyberweapon that's a staple of the genre and not in the game is monowire/filament whips. Could be considered a melee weapon or something.

And since we've had some exoskeletons added recently, how about a weapon exo? A spider-like exoskeleton along the spine that unfurls four/six spider arms you can stab people with.

Not quite what I had in mind, but close enough.

If we do a long blade ware, it'd come out of the palm I think, like Rhea is suggesting. We will not be doing mantis blades.
Guard Up is neat and could come in both shin and forearm variants.
We've had a cyber whip in progress for years, but it got put aside to focus on other things. I'm sure Mirage and the attack builders will tackle it some day.
I like the guardup one.
SK Future Sight (Cybereye socket)

Upon activation, information is heavily processed and sent to your brain to calculate the trajectory of all movement around you, giving you a very short burst of highly increased perception and luck, akin to a flashboost, due to you being able to predict your enemies' actions.

However, this causes a mental overload in your brain, which can affect your mental capabilities for a while after, and after a longer period of time reduces your reaction time and senses for a length of time while your brain recovers.

In addition, you cannot reuse the module while experiencing these aftereffects due to it being too much for the mind to handle.

Greaseglands (Biomod)

Your skin has been modified to secrete a greasy substance on command, making you harder to grapple. It works better the more naked you are, since the oil doesn't seep well through cloth.

Sorry for doublepost.

But when those glands are activated you'd have lower charisma because you get stinky with a very identifiable stench.

Also it takes some time to recharge your oil stores.

Reading up on old posts here - but I dig the cyber-Katar.

Could go somethin like this.

Banshee Vocalizer

Emits a sonic attack that knocks out everyone in the room (including the user) if proper ear protection is not being used. Has a hefty cooldown, can be heard from quite far away. Winds the user to use it, consuming a large amount of stamina.

Guy with flashboost and future sight: Sorry chum, I have to go all out... Just this once!

Also I'd totally let people use that and flashboost again during cooldown... But I'd seriously cripple them afterward. Think your muscles being absolutely torn so you're in constant agony and can't move and need expensive, multiple surgeries to slowly regain normal motor functions, so you'd be a lot weaker for weeks. Something similar with brain overload for future sight. I think that'd be more interesting than just saying 'nope, wait for the cooldown'.

If we want to go really nuts, we'd have a strength variant as well, that just makes you hulk out. Though I have no idea how to fluff that from a cyberware perspective.

SK Turbo-Launch: Inspired by Deathball gear, a set of ion thrusters are grafted along a user's back. Upon activation, it launches the user at extreme high speeds towards their opponent. On the same level as Flashboost, it would damage both the user and the target (probably the target more, though) and push the target to a separate tile at random (or targeted by command) on a successful hit. Could also be used to flee from a room without a roll. Cooldown based, massive PDS load, the usual. It would be cool to have people having to choose between 'big' chrome like these so you don't just get the flashboost everytime.

Apotheosis (Chest)

A dangerous combination of fast acting nanos and drugs housed inside a capsule embedded in the heart. When activated, the concoction is released and spread throught the body swiftly, boosting your strength, stamina, speed, senses and smarts. this boost lasts a short period of time.

However, this type of treatment to your body is deadly, and after the effects wear off, your cells die swiftly from the surge of power, killing you. Your body starts decompsing rapidly, meaning you cannot be revived via conventional means such as defibs.

This is also a one time use only chrome.