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Colored naked/format nakeds/clothing.
Why not?

So just using hair as an example:

We have all these colors that are colored in game.


[1] bald

[2] buzz-cut

[3] short

[4] bob

[5] mid-length

[6] dreadlocks

[7] long

[8] very long

[Type a number or `@abort' to abort the command.]



[ 1] Jet black

[ 2] Raven black

[ 3] Midnight black

[ 4] Black

[ 5] Gray

[ 6] Teal

[ 7] Chocolate

[ 8] Light brown

[ 9] Dark brown

[10] Auburn

[11] Dirty blond

[12] Blond

[13] Honey blond

[14] Olive green

[15] Jade green

[16] Lavender

[17] Purple

[18] Navy blue

[19] Sapphire blue

[20] Azure blue

[21] Brilliant blue

[22] Periwinkle blue

[23] Light blue

[24] Evergreen

[25] Green

[26] Mustard

[27] Burgundy red

[28] Maroon

[29] Crimson

[30] Dark red

[31] Pear green

[32] Lime green

[33] Emerald green

[34] Chartreuse

[35] Neon green

[36] Pink

[37] Hot pink

[38] Bright purple

[39] Brilliant fuchsia

[40] Golden blond

[41] Gold

[42] Bright gold

[43] Canary yellow

[44] Bright yellow

[45] Platinum blond

[46] Bright orange

[47] Tangerine

[48] Ruby red

[49] Cherry red

[50] Bright red

[51] Bright white

Why not add color options into nakeds? Is it a trust issue to make sure folks aren't doing crazy shit? Is it a coding issue cause it just don't work? I'm curious but think it would make looking at people easier on the eyes.

Some of the tailoring that I've seen on folks makes my eyes cross with how crazy it is and the nakeds are just a blur of brown, think it would be easier to pick out if there was color or possibly space between clothes and nakeds?

I am in full support of adding more places to use %color and color codes in descriptions, and I have been in the dozen other threads about this same topic.

That being said, the last time this was brought up, Johnny said 'I don't want people's descriptions looking like a fucking myspace profile'. So odds of this happening are very low.

I more mean nakeds, cause if I have a BRIGHT BLUE haircut, I should be able to have a bright blue word in my haircut naked right?

Descriptions I don't really even look at anyways, it's what people are wearing and their nakeds that grab my eye, and currently 90% make me cross eyed trying to read.


I killed JoeBaka

Reason: (ooc) I looked at them and the Crayola scroll was so bad I compulsively killed them to make the pain go away.

I get that there would have to be some trust put on the player so they aren't looking like a cyberpunk version of Takeshi69 but I feel it would add to the game.

From Staff Mobius in the most recent one of those threads: "One thing we have to keep in mind is that some players are color blind or even fully blind. We have to be careful how and when color is used for things like this. "

From Staff Johnny in the oldest: "I won't be letting folks turn their descriptions into MySpace. Thanks.

%eyecolor and %haircolor will probably be coming at some point though. :) "

All I want is a different color for tattoos, so that when you SPECIFICALLY want to look for someone's tattoos (like knowing if someone is part of a gang for instance), you don't have to read the rest of the wall of text. I suggested before that it could be a tone darker or lighter than your @skintone. That way it won't hurt the eyes, either.
Ahh, again my searchfu failed me in the idea thread.

But I think the formatting of nakeds and clothing should be looked at too, some of it comes off as a wall of text that's hard to follow.

It is a wall of text but there's a lot that contributes to it. It's been discussed quite a bit before but there would probably need to be several changes made and many of them are not obvious answers.

It is up to players themselves to not write novellas, but tattoos are often the big offender when it comes to descriptions growing out of control over time. They tend to be wordier and accumulate. There's been quite a lot of discussion on how to deal with this.

Stock item messaging is also quite verbose which tends to make descriptions long even if the players themselves keep things brief.

The breakdown of @nakeds is related to the combat system as well so there's some balance that has to be struck between making them logically descriptive and having things still work as they have when you get shot somewhere.