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Clearing bounties

This does not refer to the WJF bounties. Please do not describe the where/how/what of the bounties I am referring to beyond what is strictly needed to argue for or against any changes.

My idea: If someone registers a bounty via the mechanical means available and then perms or otherwise stops existing as a character, there should be a couple of weeks and then the bounties they've placed should time out. The house keeps the money.

Over the years I've seen multiple instances of people blowing more money than they'd have been comfortably able to do in life on a bounty and then peacing out or suiciding, leaving the target no real recourse except to accept the inevitable. Dying js not always a huge deal from a gameplay perspective, but people tend to RP some modicum of self preservation and understandably sometimes turtle up when this happens, which slows things way down until they finally get got and can get back to biz.

I don't think either player in that instance is guilty of poor behavior, but if the client is alive the target at least has a chance to wriggle out of it or hit back.

Putting the timeout a few weeks out would still give hunters the chance to collect and could still throw a meaningful shadow over someone's head if it was meant as a final fuck you. Yes there are some ways to circumvent the timeout if you use your noodle but those would necessarily leave someone alive in the city who physically registered the bounty.

Similarly, permed characters should be cleared out of the system to prevent clutter.

I agree that bounties on permed characters should be cleared because they serve no purpose being where they are. However, it's way too easy to hide forever in your pad from a bounty if you really want to, which is why this shouldn't apply to characters that are still alive.

If you know where someone lives, you can get in if you really want to.

I can assure you that is not always the case.

I'd say while this is a good idea, I don't think... I'm struggling to word this... I don't thing it works thematically really...

As much as the clutter, and the like make for a poor experience... Thematically, and this is necessary to explain the point, bounties outside of WJF ones are meant to be kind of ad hoc and/or ill maintained.

Barring that aspect of thematic cruft... I think that the main issue with this is that there's a kind of and then what about it... It doesn't promote good gameplay. And it's kind of taking bad gameplay and then rewarding responding to it with bad gameplay or apartment sitting.

I do think with Grid 3.0 it should be possible to hack a bounty gone. That would be a pretty cool thing to do.

I more or less agree with Necronex on this one. Remove bounties for permed characters, not for ones that are just keeping themselves shoved in their apartments.

And yes, it's definitely not the case. You can't always get in a pad just because you know where a target lives.

I know this comes with their own set of problems though.

I agree with the spirit of this change.

+1 to zapping out the bounty of a permed character after x number of IC days have taken place, x being however long it would take for the corpse object to fully decay.

Ducking out of consequential RP because you've been a shit ICly shouldn't be an invitation to sell everything you own, post a relatively huge bounty and then reroll your character.

It's frustrating enough to spend days/weeks/months tracking down your IC baddie only for them to perm out. The 'final farewell' smacks more of an OOC grudge than an IC grudge (as we've established ICly and via canon that boothing out or jumping is often OOCly motivated

I'd also suggest that maybe the fully automated bounty system that's often totally clogging the board could use some revision. I've never known anyone who has actively chased these, and the time/effort ratio to pay ratio is clearly part of the issue. Maybe it could simply be done away with (esp. in light of the game's current chy-inflated state.)

I think if this is done, then it should be a period of time after the perm...because some people 'fake' perm as part of their RP and I don't want to see the bounties become some meta way to verify if a person is just in hiding versus actually permed the character.
You could take measures to deal with that Jade, such as revoking the bounties or having someone else place them for you.
I agree with the spirit of this, but...

It seems like something that can be handled with an xhelp, rather than a coded change that could bring up some of those meta-issues mentioned around people perming (Vera sounds right about taking measures, and that could be fun though).

If someone's just dropping a throw-away-everything suicide-bounty on someone that makes no IC sense, then I'm sure the GMs can see that and deal with it accordingly.

I wholeheartedly agree bounties for permed PC’s should get nuked after a period of 3 months or so.

As for seeking recourse against bounties posted against you by PC’s who permed - tough cookies. Sometimes there is recourse for those PC’s other than that. Sometimes PC’s post bounties posing as others to remain anonymous. Sometimes PC’s encourage people determined to perm that they should post a bounty on there perceived enemy before perming.

As someone who has frequently used the bounty system to manipulate and mislead opponents - I think the system works pretty well besides the unnecessary bloat and lackluster clone-loan bounties.

I just think if you're paying money to end someone's life you should have to have a figurative piece on the board yourself, that's all.
Maybe bounties could require an upkeep listing fee? Like, you post the bounty, then you gotta pop in once a week to pay a 100 chy administrative fee? That feels thematic to me, nickel and diming you.
The bounty board code does use a “figurative piece of yourself” but it takes some doing to figure out.

As for upkeep fees, I like the idea and think it’s super thematic. I’m hesitant to add any curveballs to the freelance killer industry though.

You mistake my meaning Reefer. I mean that if you're taking offensive action against another character, you should have to exist in the world to see that goal completed. If I put 100k on someone, even if I do it totally in secret and I live on Blue and I am a max UE combat monster, the target still potentially has the ability to change my mind or get revenge.

If I blow my life savings and then booth myself, why should I still get to win? I am off the board.

If you believe someone spent fuck you money on a bounty right before perming, you should xhelp, as that seems unthematic to me. However, if the GMs investigate and think it is OK, then it is OK and should be accepted.

Bounties for permed characters are already routinely pruned. I do not believe this introduces meta because bounties are also routinely claimed, meaning you can't be sure if it was removed by the system or if it was just claimed.

Bounties placed by permed characters will now be pruned after a period of time.

More details in the game improvements thread.