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CI chat shouldn't mute encrypted chans

The title says it all. CI chat should not mute your encrypted channels, and I don't see one good reason why it should. I want to be able to CI chat when people talk about DP threesomes but still talk on my channels about shit that matters. I pay good money for these channels!


It's supposed to be a give and take. You're muting public sic, and keys use public sic to work. Tell your key people you're going off pubsic, and to private sic you if you have to. But you're supposed to miss stuff when you mute pubsic. IT's the risk your taking. In my opinion at least.
Could also use the filter system to filter for keys.

ci filter KEYNAME might work.

If the argument is that it's a negative for me turning pubSIC off I would counter that turning pubSIC off is already a negative in of itself and I'm already losing a lot of info. I don't think encrypted keys are too much to ask for, or would unbalance this. If somebody has something important to share, they're likely not doing it on SIC to begin with.
I would recommend against muting SIC unless you absolutely must remove all distractions. SIC is one of the main tools used by staff for creating theme as well as initiating and signalling plots.

I suspect 'cignore chat' is such a blunt object is staff really don't want people not engaging in SIC, even if it can be abrasive at times, so there are steep downsides to turning it off.

Maybe what we could be asking for is, more filter and ignore options.

Allow more than one filter word at a time and/or allow ignore >alias> to apply to pubSIC too rather than only to private messages.

Anyway at this point I (personally) think it's called-for to just wait to see what the $justices think. It's possible they'll say "no" to all of it, working as designed/intended. They certainly haven't (as far as I know) offered very much sympathy before around toning down the lewds.

@oxm I can safely say that I am a thousand times more immersed in theme without SIC. Maybe you're different. That's valid. That's why I'm pushing this suggestion: so that we have non-intrusive options that cater to the different ways we want to enjoy the game, at different times. As for staff ran plots... if they want me to be in them, they'll get me in them. If I want to be in them, there are options for that too without SIC.

For the record, I don't want anyone's RP to be censored, even the lewds on SIC. I just want another option so I can tailor my own experience here. I'll try the key method Rhea next time I login to see if it works, I hadn't even thought of that, thanks

It's nuts you can't customize SIC more, even if it should cost more for some upgraded SIC chip or something (this has been suggested a hundred times for a reason).

There's no plotting signaled by SIC that isn't then rippled out socially if it's interesting, if it's vital to a specific player it'll get to them quickly if it's being done well.

pubSIC often just degenerates into nonsense and memery, there's a weird meta-complacency that takes place with it, the not-quite-OOC-chat-but-ehh atmosphere. I don't blame anyone for wanting to filter it out but retain access to their encrypted keys to keep in touch with what might actually matter to them.

More sophisticated filtering options for SIC would be fantastic in general, and this would be a nice start.