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Cheaper Apartments In Red

There is an apartment issue in Red -- Westinghaus is constantly full, and the many medium pads are basically unaffordable without a membership. I'm not super troubled by the notion that a membership gives you a benefit, but I wonder if the gap is too high -- 8 kay a week for most Red apartments is pretty unaffordable for most people.

If the notion is that those medium pads are rare, that would be fine, but in fact they are the majority of the apartment inventory. I'd propose that for at least some of the apartment buildings (like VG and the Crown) the rent be set at 4 kay. That's affordable with hustling for someone without a membership, but is still significant enough to make a membership valuable. In general I think the price of an apartment should be set at around 150%-200% of the average entry-level 'salary', give or take.

In the last state of the game, Johnny indicated that the financial state of the game was very good; even if lowering the apartment prices reduces some uptake in club memberships, it seems like it wouldn't endanger the server.

I think this would also make it less apparent who is a member and who isn't ICly, since most everyone pays for their apartments with membership, and additionally make it easier to ICly justify getting an apartment for free. I know I've struggled to explain ICly why I get a free pad that is 3 or 4 times the weekly value of a salary, protection racket, or other 'background' income source for no apparent reason.

All of the lower range apartments are constantly filled up so you either stay in a cube or shell out a ton of money for an apartment (or a membership) every week. Have to agree on this one that it seems disproportionate with how many apartments (hundreds) exist for the "higher range" level of apartments in Red, but only a handful for the older, cheaper ones. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
I do think having some more Westinghnaus equivalent apartments in various neighborhoods would be helpful. I'm all for shitty one room apartments.
We agree, and fixing this is on the list of projects.
Yay! Thank you Blinder and co!
The difference drives people toward making more and not settling on the cheapest option. There's been a number of years-old characters who end up complacent with the renting at the lowest possible ones and have no economic drive to go out and find another place as a result. I think this would be counter-productive to some of the underlying themes, but I do think some place in between the price of these and higher scale and more expensive Mix apartments would be wise.
There's also free dangerous bolt-holes scattered around. It'd be great if there were more of these for the slummer chummers out there! I really love this feature of the game!
Another simple way of helping manage this would be to make it so that membership pad status can only be applied to the 'top' tier pads in red, and not any pad in red. And then start working on kicking everyone out from the lower-tier places who has membership applied to them.

It's especially bad when sometimes entire 'accessible' apartment complexes are leased out for months/years.