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Chatter Feedback
The gift of gab

Some interest was expressed by staff in OOC on why people don't use chatter. You report, we decide.

Personally, I like the chatter system for the most part. Gossip is fun, although hearing 'X creased Y, Project Z is in phase 1, 2, 3...' ad nauseum can get exhausting.

Skill checks are probably holding it back. There were also some early bugs where it didn't seem to accept chatter at all. More persuasive people should maybe have their rumors circulated more often, but an immy should be able to get some chatter in now and then too.

I think it's okay for bartenders to talk chatter in crowded bars. It's weird that the place has to be empty.

Ohh, yeah! Having to have the place empty of all other players is kind of off-putting. Maybe the chatterbox NPC whispers to the person they like when there's other people? Keep things private-like.
They should talk direct [to] the player and if you're deliberately listening in you can overhear.
The fact that you have to have an alcoholic drink on hand to get chatter is real silly when you're on a place that does not serve alcohol.
I played a character with pretty high Charisma. They were always dressed well. I made sure to be holding a drink and be alone in the bar.

After dozens of tries in many areas of the game I was always told no by the bartenders, so I stopped trying.

I guess I needed more Charisma or better clothes, but I felt I had already made high investments there relative to most characters. You shouldn't have to be a stunning knockout wearing amazing clothes to get some chatter in the Drome.

I do, however, understand the desire to reward characters who have made very high investments in Charisma. They should be rewarded, of course!

I think a lot of the good stuff is hidden beneath rubbish which would be better summarized. A lot of the time I want a summary instead of listing out each individual kill.

The biggest help would probably be Ganger Violence Summary. No list of 24 skirmishes. If 2 Ganger factions fight and one wins - mark it on a tally board and let me know whose making the most moves at the end of the week. In the case of a fellow faction member ganger, a weekly breakdown of drug/weapon/armor coverage would be awesome i.e. "We've been solid on bolos but Waukeem won't stop bitching about there never being any Marcy."

+1 to requirements being reviewed/lessened. In my opinion, a bartender deciding on whether or not to tell you something should be based on how good of a customer you are, rather than how attractive/charming you are (though an attractive/charming person should certainly be able to bypass that requirement).

Locking out a feature from a good chunk of the playerbase, when the feature's whole point is to spread (mis)information... Seems counter-intuitive, and charisma is already plenty useful for other things, especially with recent changes. I'd definitely favor charisma as a way to bypass requirements instead of being the requirement itself. Bartenders can have close ugly/obnoxious friends, after all.

Although there's a bunch of other NPC types that do chatter, I've also found those to be pretty prohibitive with requirements, not just bartenders.

From the staff side, I'd like to see an IC version of the tipline integrated into the chat system.

A way for the system to know if you've heard a piece of chatter x times. And for us to be able to inject some hint about the world into chatter for you to hear. "Hey did you hear that chum Bob buys stolen crates?"

It'd be a great way to increase awareness about tribal knowledge crime/game mechanic concepts in an IC-way. And these chatter topics would never expire so new players can discover them just like the tipline.

I'd also like to see the chatter system itself added to the tipline, maybe a ue gain for using it. And I'd like to see some rumors added of where you can talk to different types of chatter npcs, not just bartenders.

I second there should be a general chatter stream that has useful stuff and requires no skill to use.

(Edited by MirageGM at 7:20 am on 12/9/2021)

I also like and use chatter, through at my playtimes it can be sometimes difficult to find an empty bar.

I think making it so anyone can hear chatter (but charismatic characters hear more and can spread rumors) would go a long way.

I would want to make PC-spread chatter be something anyone can hear, along with "tip line" chatter and anything else staff decides.

I would want to make X kills Y and Project chatter be gated (while it gets repetitive and should get cut down or made more useful, especially the X kills Y, it is good paydata and paydata should be gated.) Also gated should be "big hats are in fashion" kind of chatter.

Finally, spreading chatter should be a skill check.

I'm a chatter junkie. I've never found a reason to personally spread a rumor, though. There are just more reliable and safer ways to get data into circulation.
Thanks for all the feedback so far! This system is definitely one that I'd like improved over time. I hear you all about how things can be a bit repetitive. The problem there is that everyone is going to have different preferences and making a system that is completely customizable to each persons preferences may be more work than it's worth, especially when many of these chatter streams are giving you multiple results per request.

The system needs to reward folx that have put some points into relevant skills/stats. It isn't straight charisma, it's mixed with a variety of things, perhaps stealth or trading or artistry or decking, depending on the situation. Sometimes it picks the best skill from a list of them and uses that.

The rumor system already makes it more likely that a highly charismatic or smooth talker will get their rumor pushed through.

Keep the feedback coming. I'm making the simple adjustments that have been called out here.

I've taken a bunch of the suggestions in this thread and made them a reality. Please continue to offer feedback on this as you encounter the changes. If you haven't tried chatter in the past day, please try, because it should be much more friendly to players who hadn't been able to access it previously.
These changes have been live for a while-- what's the feedback?
Pinging for feedback again.
Now that I can use it, I am enjoying it.

Biggest thing, honestly, is that unrelated bits of chatter could be broken up more but thats a me preference kinda thing and not a necessity. Just odd when bartender goes "I heard about cool hats! Also all the dogs died!" in the same blurb.

Sadly, there really isn't any way to do that.
I expected as much. No worries! Honestly, I love it. I need to play with gossip being added to it, but the chatter aspect is really nice.
I LOVE the updates to the chatter system! While I haven't discovered any of the specialized chatter NPCs yet IC, I ask bartenders every day for chatter now and am never disappointed. My experiences with the gossip system have also been very positive. I like knowing that GMs read over the submitted gossip for quality control.