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Charisma in PC to PC/NPC RP
Putting on the Charm

Something said in another current thread got me thinking, "Can we somehow make charisma more relevant in player RP rather than primarily in a mechanical sense?

Idea: Create echoes that trigger for people engaging in direct conversation, or watching. Use the same system we have for performance. Echoes could include, "Joe Baka's argument is compelling.", or, "This blank has no tact."

This could inform players on how convincing someone seems to come off in conversation. Make stat checks for this include some combination of perception/intelligence/charisma/artistry, and it becomes a contested roll between the relevant characters in the room.

Stats closely related might turn up neutral echoes or none at all, showing there's no indication one way or another.

You can broadly measure how charismatic a person is going to be, just through their Appearance-based shortdescs.

Also, people need to stop making Artistry better. Stop it.

I always figured that PC to PC charisma was always something to be decided on the other party's side. That way, like with TTRPGs, the effect of someone's charisma on their character is decided by them.

Plus, if there's ever any doubt in how charming a character is, it's usually closely tied to their appearance.

It would be nothing that forces players to respond appropriately, but could provide necessary insight into how they might approach the conversation.

Ex. Like, someone tells ganger x that they didn't kill that baka on Snake turf. The argument is convincing, but ganger x KNOWS they're lying cause they caught it on cam.

But if it's just suspicion, maybe it affects ganger X's response. Anyway, I think social ques would be cool to get us thinking about charisma in RP.