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Chargen flavor thing...
So we (mostly) all start outside the gates

I have noticed that even though the rest of the world uses their perspective currency, it would be cool and themely and immersive if when you select you're an american, you spawn with a wad of dollars, or if you're a european you spawn with a fist full of euros. And one of the enter the gates prompts is when they exchange your ton of money for the 1050 chyen you get.

It would be a cool little thing to see honestly. Not majorly important but a flavor thing none-the-less.

I could be mis-remembering things with the lore, but I think most 'nations' are just corporation-states at this point, and I'd suspect that they use their own corporate script much the way that Withmore does.

Still, I agree that this could be a neat little world-building blurb slapped into the 'intro' section of the game.

What I'd like more of is actual history in the timeline. There's some things that are incredibly unclear on the global 'map' (which to me is a geographic disaster, not just because of some land that sunk under the surface - especially in Europe). But if you play a British character, is it King's or Queen's English? Is there a king or queen, essentially? Why hasn't Prussia started warring again like they've been allowed to for decades? Where do borders go? Et cetera. I want more history that will make the world feel alive!

Bit off topic, maybe, but if you play a character who isn't from the Americas, there's a lot of questions like these you might have. Maybe even if they are from the Americas. Just even less elsewhere.

100% more fleshed out lore is never bad.
Vague world building works to Sindome's advantage, since it allows new characters (and especially new player characters) a lot of freedom to create and tell their own backstories. Often discussions of events and places outside Withmore are downplayed IC because player interpretations of events and places tends to vary a lot.

Veterans players will more often lean into the Sindome-specific elements in terms of history and backstory, but that is usually because they have a better handle on the oral tradition of various topics. Folk history regarding NPEC and Amazonia and Prussia and Lone Star and Amazonia (and others) has all developed IC beyond the scope of the timeline but I'm doubtful much of it would survive codification.

In part this is because the maps and timeline are often not internally consistent, and players develop their own interpretation of scant evidence, and much of the non-Withmore folk history would fall apart under scrutiny (languages and geopolitics especially).

What's there is a good primer to give players a sense of the world Withmore exists in and then hands it over to the player to take it from there.

@0x1mm In my honest opinion it just makes me hesitate a lot more as I don't want to go against anyone else's national view or whatnot.
I dunno, I'm pretty sure it's mentioned that there's currency exchange terminals at the gates.
That's understandable Veleth! I know many players prefer something they can refer to when building their own stories. It is helpful to have a common language to tell stories. In fact it's a requirement but I won't get into folkloristics and bore everyone.

I suppose I don't think of it as going against anyone if @histories don't quite line up, just everyone has their own impressions and experiences even if they come from the same place IRL, so it makes sense that this would also be true IC.

In my own case with one character I had a point of origin that I personally knew very well IRL, but found other players had envisioned it in much different terms so I just sort of adapted myself to those perceptions when they came up (which was rarely).

In another case I borrowed from another character whose historical flavor I really liked, and as much as I could tried to incorporate all the things that character had described about their own @history -- but even though our characters were from the same place, we were there at different times and in different social strata so there was never really any conflict between them per se.

Roleplay is really just extended improv in a way, and improv is all about saying 'yes', and I've always found that Sindome is very good about that in terms of players getting to tell their own stories and everyone else accommodating that rather than nit-picking specifics.

...and now I am super off-topic. As Baguette said there is some IC handwaving about this at the end of character creation.

Currency exchange units are available. Surcharges and exchange rates will be automatically applied.
Hey folx, I've seen this happening more and more. Threads getting derailed almost right away by people talking about something sparked by the OP, but not directly related.

This has gotten off topic, and is being locked. Please read the BGBB rules, and keep your responses to the original post. If you have big feelings about something that is only tangentially related, create your own thread in the relevant section.