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Change Tube Exit names
It's a hill...

Just a simple compromise suggestion, since making traffic not interrupt a chained movement doesn't seem like it's going to happen, and getting rid of the tubes as they currently exist definitely won't happen, I would propose we change the exit names.

For example 'You can proceed east (U)p the tube, or west (D)own the tube. This will simplify tube travel, remove the confusion of exits, especially around the twists, remove the need for macros to travel between sectors and generally make everyone's OOC life better, because you don't have to remember if you were heading north or south on this leg when you hit traffic and got stuck for five minutes.

When I read "exit names" I thought it was talking about the street-level entrance/exit from the whole tube and I was like "Nawww."

But realizing that it's about all the rooms inside the tubes, I'm like Yeah, ICly no idiot moron would turn around for no reason after the traffic starts moving again.

I would be just as happy, if not more, if we flat out couldn't turn around in the express tubes. Because how you gonna flip a bitch in 70 million people traffic?

Agreed though, hate express tubes as they currently stand.

We can't change the exit names because the tubes are technically part of the same 3d space flown through and are zig-zagging back and forth up to between sectors. In some places, creative engineers have literally built structures between this zig zagging roads back and forth, in others, you can fall onto the express tube from above.

We are going to look at some functional signage to aid in keeping you going in the direction you want to go to get to the next sector.

Ooh, signage sounds great. Maybe that could be something WCS does? Specifically techies? Maybe they could be hacked too, requiring a reset by a tech user? I think WCS could use more tech-specific items too.

How cool would it be to be driving the tubes, looking for your turn, then seeing 'fuck the Jakes' instead in flashing neon.

[img url=]

If this doesn't work somebody show me how to do that...