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Change Daily Crate Limit to Weekly

Good Evening!

I've done some reading on old forum posts regarding crates, and their limits and the introduction of the Income Cap as well, and there seems to be plenty of systems in place to prevent people from focusing on crates and crates alone for income to the point that the daily limit seems relatively redundant at this stage.

I am inquiring on this mostly because it can be OOCly difficult to make time for crates as an income source, especially when your priority is RP. If crates are a big part of my income then I may have to choose to do crates instead of participate in random/scheduled RP as my OOC schedule demands. I imagine this would be especially impactful for people who don't utilize membership pads for pay their rent.

I think there is OOC value in granting flexibility to the player by allowing them to weigh RP over crate income more readily by changing the daily limit to a weekly limit.

I don't want to change the amount of potential income one person can make via crates only that the 'come back tomorrow message' be changed to a 'come back next week' message and being allowed to run 7 days worth crates as time allows.

I do understand that there would be cases of people doing their weeks worth of crates in one go, but that would put them out in the open for a longer period of time and more at risk to thieves or muggers, so I think it would balance itself out.

Thoughts? I am sure I am missing one important piece of this puzzle as to why the daily limit is necessary!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I believe the intent is to make them feel oppressive to do. But I'll let someone more knowledgeable weigh in.
Are you familiar with Pavlov's dog? (Google it)

The limit is there so that you RP instead of farming boxes all day every day for seven days. Sometimes too much of a good thing, can be bad.

My advice is that by prioritizing RP, you'll be able to come up with more fun and less time consuming and more relevant ways to make money. But personally, I'd rather be broke than putting crates on top of RP.

I get this a little as not every player has time to dedicate to flash earning RP. Often that kind of RP can hook a person for hours and hours and maybe someone just wants to pop on for the one hour they have between this and that.

At the same time, I think that there is enough low-RP busy work to fill that time. Maybe not all from the same source, but it's out there. I am kind of weary of relaxing systems that are designed specifically to nudge PCs to go and experience more of the game. Also, nothing says that you NEED to fill that cap. I almost never ever do.

I also want to mention that a lot can be done in small stretches even using remote comms like phones or SIC. Sindome is largely designed around PCs working together and against each other. Those connections are so key to getting the most out of Sindome.

I worry that letting PC run crates until their cap is met would discourage new PCs from branching out. I'm more interested in poorer PCs I can play with than slightly richer PCs that isolate themselves to just one small part of the game focused on interacting with automated systems.

You are not meant to rely on crates, ever. They're there for a new character to get a little bit of starting money and to familiarize themselves with the sectors, but that's really about it. They're meant to be awful and unfun to do because they're an antisocial (except when you're getting robbed, lmao), automated job that involves 0 RP. Everything in the game pushes you towards RP.

If you have little time to play, prioritize getting a job. There are many, ranging from ones that need minimal time spent, to others that pay based on how much you put into it.

As a final thought, since you mentioned membership pads, realize you don't have to pay, IC or OOC for a place to stay. Live on the streets (there are actually many viable ways to do this, find out IC), get a roommate, mooch off someone, and many other such arrangements. I would definitely recommend more people look into this as the pressure to pay rent stresses a lot of players and forces them to play when they necessarily might not want to.

I don't know, I don't mind doing crates, I find it entertaining for some reasons, and that's coming from a guy who has been around for quite a while.
As a fairly new player my self, I do kind of have to agree that crates, as of now, seem to be the only viable way of making money outside of other NPC related stuff. I won't go in to detail for obvious reasons, but once you hit the weekly limit, for a new player there isn't much one can do to earn Chyen if they are a new immigrant, the trust isn't there, and nobody is going to trust someone who's been in the city for only a short time. You can try to build that trust, but again, it's extremely hard for immigrants to do.
Hey folx, wanted to weigh in. I can totally hear where people are coming from on this but want to reassure that there are many things a new player can do to earn money. The daily crate limit is there to force folx to find those things and to pivot to relying on their stats/skills/in game career/roleplay for chyen, using crates only to supplement. This is an intentional design decision.
Thank you everyone for the responses!