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Ces to show current key

A small quality of life improvement for CES so it will show current channel for CEP. So without a key set it will show the current message: 'ces ' to set your primary SIC encryption key for use with 'cep ', but with a key already set, and no argument provided to the command would be helpful to get something like "Current key set: XYZ".
Can't you just use chelp?
I don't see where in CH it shows currently selected key, and is very verbose.
Oh, my bad. For some weird reason, I've always thought the primary key is the first key in your "chelp" list and that's how you set your cep (by shuffling your keys around to make the wanted key the first one on the list).

Welp. Disregard me.

Confirmed it's not in chelp. And that ces doesn't show it.

Both are updated to show it now.

Awesome, thank you! Makes my life so much easier :)