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Car trunks
Kidnapping express

It'd be pretty awesome if certain vehicles had trunk access to them. That way, you can store different goods/items in it without cluttering the inside and spooking fellow commuters with your shady things. Also, it'd be great if you could force people into said trunks (its own special tiny room), great for kidnapping people! What do people think about it? Would it make vehicles too OP? Any ways to balance it?
I think +1!
Sounds like a good idea, but there should be a way for people to break into the trunk, and for anybody trapped inside to escape (kicking out the tail lights/back seats, maybe?)
Good idea Baguette. It'd give more usage to existing security equipment for vehicles.
Some vehicles have glove compartments while for others you can buy certain parts and ask a mechanic to install it.

Some vehicles are bigger and there is a "divider" between the front and back seats. Or you can get vans to kidnap people.

I rather like the idea of using these that already exist in-game and thus, encourage chars to own more than one vehicle, rather than having one vehicle with a trunk that may have multiple uses for it.

Just my two cents. Maybe I'm wrong. :d

I was just thinking about car trunks and found this topic. It's a bit immersion breaking to get in someone's car and it looks like a pat rack is living out of it. IRL most people would keep things in the trunk, including small arsenals, dead bodies, fuel cans, etc. I don't think breaking into them would be any easier than breaking into the car proper, but it would provide space for decluttering and for driving around topside with shady drek. Also, planting a corpse in your rival's trunk and calling the Judges with an anonymous tip.

Is there any appetite for this?

There's an item in-game, I believe, that allows you to store items inside your car. Just like in real life.

Oh I should've read Diani's post. Not a great start of the day for me. Disregard.
I would love the car trunk instead of having the litter. Though maybe add a bit of tradeoff and make it easier to break into than the car interior itself?
Anything that encourages people to buy cars or aeros over bikes is a +1 from me. Maybe only certain more expensive cars come with trunks.
I'm all for stealing a baka's car, then throwing him in the trunk and setting the car on fire to send a message.

There are items in game for decluttering cars overall, but having trunks could also build off this. Maybe certain cars have a trunk, maybe others don't. Perhaps add an item limit to what can actually be kept in cars outside of trunks, to incetivise buying one with a trunk if you're running around with stuff. Even outside of it being a mini room, just make it function similar to a locker if that'd be easier to do.

I remember when this idea was first brought up. I wonder if it’s archived. I think someone explained why but it would be a great feature for a full sized car.

Don’t want your topside rivals to know you’re saving up for an aero? Get the best security system, pull up somewhere semi secure and have yourself a trunk nap! Topside camping!

Alls I got to say is that vans are super pricey for a reason and this should be an inferior method. Maybe it only holds as much as a footlocker and big people won't fit, or it's possible to break out given a little time.
Or not able to install kidnap tools in them !
I think it would be fun to get shoved in the trunk. But you should probably suffocate or something if you're in there too long. Cuz that's boring if you get stuck.
Vehicles usable for Crime? I'm half way on board. Though I would like to see more ways one can mess with them while in operation first.

Making it more convenient to use vehicles as mobile closets/pads? So as much of a fan of this.