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Can Tattoos get some love?

The entire idea behind our charries getting tattoos is to stand out and look good. But a lot of time they just get lost in the descriptions as they don't stand out in ANY way at all. I think tattoos if anything should a at least stand out like the colors in clothing or have some sort of artistic attribute that stands out from the rest of your body.
That would be quite nice, especially with how huge descriptions can get on a heavily inked character... I think this has been brought up in a previous thread or two, but I think it's a good idea.

We've got @skintone, what if each character got a separate @tattoocolor command (all tattoos would show the same colour, but distinct from your skintone, unless you chose the same colour for both)?

This has been mentioned before. I also wish this was a thing. If they could get a slightly darker shade of your skintone's text color, maybe.
Wow, read my mind, @UchuUsagi. I didn't see your post before I sent this.

Should combine with this!

Yes, this has been suggested many times before.

But if the clothes tailor make don't modify your stats, other arts won't either and there was a reason why the didn't want to add colors to the tattoos but I forgot.

But it wouldn't be too wicked with the addition of @skintone to have a @tattootone or something like that, so it highlights the text for those who can see colors.

It doesn't have to be super flashy. It could just be a slightly different shaded color of your skintone.
@Veleth :)

@Ergo Yeah, exactly, I remember the previous requests for this being for the artist to set a colour for each tattoo, maybe just one colour set by the player for all their ink is a more feasable/suitable option? I don't know.

@Veleth Maybe a set range within x-number of whatever colour value from your skintone if there's a need to limit it?

Maybe just set it to be a shade darker than your set @skintone. If you chose the darkest, it decides to go a shade lighter instead?
Johnny mentioned a solution of doing tattoos like objects in the world where a closer inspection would give a detailed description like artwork with colors and such. I'm not sure if this is in the works or has moved anywhere.