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Call Waiting
That annoying little beep

Simply put

I want to call someone, their line is busy. I want their phone to beep to let them know someone wants to reach them. Like how your phone beeps if someone is calling you irl when in a call with someone else.That's it, really, but I feel like it'd be too tedious to do, so there's not a lot of priority on it. I just wanted to know what people thought of it, really.

I think this would make it easier for people to abuse the phone system (don't ask me to elaborate on that) and would not really add much.
That's something that did come to mind after I posted this. It could also be tough if multiple people are trying to call you, and you are just swarmed with beeps and whatnot. Probably best to stick to other means to get the attention of who you want to speak with.