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Bug cars

Carrying this over from tire chalk thread.

The technology is in game. Said technology could probably use some love anyways.

Allow the outside of cars to be bugged for tracking instead of chalking them. There is already equipment in game that can counter it too.

That is all


It genuinely always surprises me every time I think to bug a car and remember that I can't. It'd negate the small worlding aspect I brought up in the other thread, and also add a nice price point to achieving this.


See HolyChrome and Grizzly's comments.

I don't see why this isn't already a thing. Bugs need more versatility and it gives secure techs more things to do.
There's some code hurdles as for why it wasn't initially that I won't get into.

But I think trying to tackle it again is in the cards.

I think this makes sense and would like to see this in game.
I am certainly for this idea, or really anything automotive related, however this feels even more small-world than chalking a parking lot full of cars. Could someone explain to me how it's not (without being condescending) please?
The intent of this would be to track where cars and the people in them go.

If you're able to identify drives and have 's plates, then you can go from there to bugging the vehicle in your investigations.

So this would require xhelping beforehand in order to verify that you have a reason to bug that specific vehicle, instead of the other 100 unseen vehicles in the location?
Apparently the forums didn't like my formatting

If you're able to identify PERSON drives VEHICLE and have VEHICLE's plates, then you can go from there to bugging the vehicle in your investigations.

No, because paydata.
I'm having trouble understanding then how this is at it's core different thank chalking, except it provides even more information and an immie can no longer be hired to do it. Maybe try the condescending way and explain it to me like I'm stupid, because I'm just not getting it.
#1 It gates the ability behind a chunky price point to have the ability.

#2 I'd recommend familiarizing yourself with the trackers in game to understand why you could still hire people out. (FOIC)

#3 It would remove the meta of unattended/ambient vehicles as they wouldn't move so you could never safely assume they weren't being used.

#4 Every attempt at doing this would cost you more than a sliver of chalk and there'd be inherent risks to bugging someone's car.

#5 As with above, no one would be frivolously bugging vehicles without gathering paydata and RPing first (See 1&2)


While Those are certainly valid points, there is one thing in particular that I take issue with in your thought process.

You cannot prove a negative, you can only increase the probability of it being true. If a vehicle is truly abandoned, then it's impossible to verify that as the case based solely upon observation of the vehicle, and that would never (under what you just said) justify bugging a vehicle that you perceive as abandoned, because you would never see anyone interact with it.

While I do think bugging cars is a good idea, I don't think it in of itself negates other ideas and avenues of information gathering.

I think you want to steal "abandoned" vehicles and (I say this will all the experience of a player who's been smacked in the face from educated guesses many many times) you're just going to have to accept the risks without a piece of chalk to help you.
Man, I am not about to pay for the shit I need to track a vehicle randomly and for funsies. I am gonna track it once I've gotten solid paydata on who owns it.

You may be missing the point of this idea, RSB. It's not to locate abandoned vehicles. It's to track and follow specific vehicles that belong to someone you've ID'd. There are some obvious applications of this that we shouldn't go into on the boards to avoid giving people ideas.