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Bruising vehicle occupants
A minor skill metric

I think it would be neat if people inside a vehicle got bruises on their bodies when riding/driving in a vehicle going at a high rate of speed, dependent upon the driver/pilot's skill.

Possibly counteracted by a g-suit.

I like this as it's a very good way to both incentivize raising driving to non-shit levels, without having HUGE problems like a crash might cause. It also incentivizes having progressively better drivers in corporate facing positions.

I would also add that this should also apply to flying and riding as well. Possibly with the addition of cuts forming on non-armored clothing for bike riders.

I agree to this, also personally think driving/flying at high speeds puts wear on the main vehicle components, EG: Driving fast would wear out your tires over time, as well as flying fast would put unnecessary strain on your vector nozzles.
AVs are not pulling 25+ Gs, and those gifted flight suits are not magical anti-gravity armor.
Depends how hard you crash it.

But, true about the suit.

Maybe if it triggered a check that the other character could overcome with stats and skills?

Personally, I see no reason why a barely competent character driving slow and not even crashing should leave my character injured (even if it is only superficial bruising) when my character might be very agile, strong and tough with impressive skills that might be logically applicable.

Worse damage when crashing could make sense I think but even then I feel each passenger's skills and stats should play a role in what they personally suffer.

In the event of a crash, it really doesn't matter the skill level of the person being slammed into the dashboard or ejected from the vehicle. I don't care bout your solo talents, you're doin 65 and hit a tree, tree wins, every time.
Please note, I didn't say 'injured'. Just bruised. I don't think there should be any health damage for this application personally. Just some bruising from being tossed around the cabin.

Also, this is purely for fun and to add something in between the crash and no-crash states of vehicles. It's not meant to be perfectly logical. Rather it's an RP device for people driving/riding in vehicles to riff off of.

It would be fun for flavor, especially with the messaging that hints at rough driving/G-forces.
I'm all for side-effects of shitty driving. Driver/Passengers "spill" their drinks if jostled enough. Maybe small things like that. If they're holding something maybe there's a chance they drop it in the floorboard and have to pick it back up.
Please note, I said injured (even if it is only superficial bruising). Regardless, even superficial bruising is impactful in the game. It can be used in many creative ways and interpreted in many different ways. It's not a harmless and insignificant thing in many cases.

Honestly, this would just make me take taxis and the like less and stick with other means of transport. It wouldn't enhance my play at all. That is just my personal opinion of course.

It would neither be fun nor make the slightest bit of sense for characters to get randomly damaged while driving, flying or being passengers for no reason at all, or for them to get non-damage bruising that comes out of nowhere.

There are already failure states for poor drivers and pilots which can kill, we don't need to add obnoxious random damage just for the sake of it.

Mechanics don't need to be overhauled just so characters with special items have something else to do with them.

I've roleplayed out damage from getting knocked around in a high-speed aero. I don't think this needs coded support.