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Brain/Information Couriers
Ala Johnny Mnemonic

A themely addition to the game might be the ability to carry expanded information (on the scale of whole libraries/documents) in your brain. Much of the code is already in place.

cyberware access /system command controls + e-note storage (maybe hook up to & transfer info off e-notes?) + some way of securing the data / retrieving it

And if you cut the courier's head off, the data should somehow be yours (cyberware will retain the info/connection or something, like video t-chips do).

I like this idea. I had an idea for a clone information carriers myself.

You pay for dude to update, then give him the info. He takes it to the client and after the info is given they kill him. Courier funds are transferred into your bank account+cost for a new clone.

That is so SD! Like a drug mule who eats condoms of drugs for trafficking...only now you take it to the cyberpunk level and use them as info mules.
Johnny Mnemonic, anyone?
I think we need a better Matrix/Grid then we can have a way to be a data mule.


I could see something like a person with an e-memory module socket or something that they could download data into. That's a pretty cool idea. Would it be something that drops when the player dies? or if they die is the information gone?
Should drop when the player dies.
Or, to make the roleplay even more intricate, it requires someone with medical/forensic background to remove it without damaging it. Have it be a stat-based thing...the better the stat the more information removed.
or, rather..the less information damaged in the removal..
RE: anything as far as a better Grid/Matrix first


I think there should be generic risk of corruption as time passes after the person's died, and then a super expensive 'secure' version that wipes immediately when they die.
Just seeing this.

Nice idea and I like the idea of a skill check to remove it (data).

Plus, I can see management of some sort buying a high end that would wipe the data if the person is killed. RP possibilities here.

Making sure the person gets to the meeting safely or, someone who has stolen data, the need to stay alive as they get to their nonsactioned meeting.

Or both. ;)

I think it can be patched onto the Grid/Matrix systems without redoing the whole thing first. Just make terminals, QuickTerms and maybe a few new devices be the only ways to get the data out without surgery. The rest of the Grid/Matrix update or redo can be built around it. Yeah? That way you automatically accomplish this being an easier thing for corps and bosses flush with cash, riskier on Red and so forth.

Also no one has mentioned the data harming or killing you, but I think that should be considered. Either because of a cheap install job or because the data is actually programmed to destroy itself. It could cause traumas or lesions in the brain that affect your stats/skills or outright explode, or even switch to emergency power while shutting down your heart and kidneys so you die and preserve the data as long as possible. Just spitballing here.