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Being able to blindfold people when they're restrained, so they can't see where you're taking them or what's going on in the room.
Why not just knock them out, and take them to a dark room?
I think this may have already been suggested, but I definitely like it.


What about the various sounds of the world that should be able to potentially tell you where you are?
It's been suggested but a coder told us that it was practically impossible to code due to coded limitations. Love the idea though.
I think it would be great if people could still hear and feel things, it would make it interesting. Like you can hear the car door, hear the garage rolling up and down, hear different sounds in the mix vs. topside vs. sewers. Also, if you have cybernetics that bypass it like thermo modules then it wouldn't work. It's just an idea for flavour.
Fair enough about the coding issue.
I love the idea personally, but it is a visual based game. Perhaps a hood you put over their head and they have to use the honor system?
In Sindome there isn't a "smell" or "feel" message for each room. You only get the room description and all the details that are in it. If you block this description when you are blindfolded, you are effectively blind and deaf and probably unable to touch anything. Being blindfolded in Fuller Street would be a terrifyingly disorientating experience because it's loud as hell and people are groping you all the time. While being blindfolded in a quiet cellar is going to be a different experience ICly, but the same OOCly because there is no way to distinguish the both. So, hence the limitations.
I'd actually love some way to express touch and sound and scent in a dark room, while we're on the topic.
We do have dark rooms in the game - sound and touch shouldn't be limited in those, yet they do exist.
I think Grizzly666 has it right, why don't we have a hood item and when you put it on someone they get a message reminding them that they can't see anything but they can still hear, etc. They'll have to roleplay not knowing where they are even though they OOCly do. It might lead to more kidnapping/interrogation/torture of course, which could have good or bad effects.

For instance, it's easy to picture being sonic'd, hooded, grappled and carried off to the sewers while your attacker knows that even if you scream for help on SIC, you can't describe where you're being taken. In that sense, I feel like this would be another buff to combat characters.

It's such a pain in the ass to kidnap people that you'll rarely pull it off and there's still a likelihood that whoever your victim is that they may have no interest in taking part in the kind of RP you do. Plus it is something which is frowned upon to take place at any significant length.

I just don't think this is needed. There's multiple ways to restrain, subdue, and otherwise disguise yourself in game as it stands now along with places and vehicles designed for this very purpose.

Kidnapping is a sum bitch to pull off. Constant resisting commands, no Rp fear (or maybe it is your fight or flight fear?) of the two chrome domes with large guns telling you to shut up, shouting for "Halp" on the SIC awaiting the white knights or friends to come charging to the rescue, but it is still a crazy situation for everyone involved and can be fun and lead up to some crazy character defining moments if done right. It's the long length of time confining someone to a room that seems to get everyone against Kidnapping RP. Back in the day, I once logged off in my cube, all cozy and comfortable, and the rent lapsed about an hour before I could log in. Mix life. I wake up not only jacked, but dragged all the way up to a certain detention area and held for -days-. I understand why it sucks first hand. Being a room by yourself, sometimes without SIC, is boring. You got better things to do with your IRL time then sit and wait for someone to interact with you, But on the other hand, Kidnap RP can still lead to alot of cool shit. It's a toss up. It's hard as hell probably for that exact reason.