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Thematically I think that it would be great to have bicycles.

But from a code perspective, are bicycles possible or do they even make sense? They would be faster than walking, but slower than driving. My suspicion is that no, it would be too much of a pain the ass because you would have to re-factor all of the transportation speeds. That would most likely mean slowing down walking even more.

There was mention of skateboards on the vehicle page. It sounded like something they were thinking about.
Immy: Guys! Let's go out bicycling in the tubes!



I think one of the issues is that Skateboards/Bicycles would probably need a whole new skill to themselves? Might take a while if it ever did get approved.
But, biker and skateboard gangs... Just a thought.
Withmore Pro Skater, How many points can you get grinding the safety rail around the skywalk?
If it happens, there has to be a drawback. These things are cheaper to get around but in return, they might sap your energy MUCH more to use. Skate down the street, not as huffy and puffy if you've been working out. Skating all over a sector, now you're really tired and can't move as fast over time.
I kind of like that. Maybe better skateboards take less energy, like hoverboards. I mean we got hover limos. It would also be cool if the skateboard could be put into your inventory when you aren't using it.

Not sure about using the tubes with a skateboard or bike, but It would be kind of cool to take the Lev with a skateboard under your arm.

i would be real sad if i was in the middle of some gritty cyberpunk action and someone bicycled out of the situation.
Ha ha ha. But ambient descriptions on Gold and Green do mention bicycle couriers. Maybe if losing balance and falling off were tied in with agility and perception?
We are playing as the grim anti heroes, not as the bicycle guys.

But Vera, tell me this isn't CPAF. /s

Vera, Bicycles appear in a LOT of CP. Look at some background scenes in the Bladerunner movies n'shit.
No reason you can't be both. Maybe your a cold blooded ganger with a soft spot for his decked out bicycle, a forbidden love you keep secret from all of your chums.
Maybe I want to play a gritty bicycle CP razorkid?

I think these are really thematic in CP. Great for the Mix environment. +9000

How about a Snowcrash approach where you poon passing vehicles? Better have skills or your eating asphalt.
Unless the tires suffered significant wear and tear on a consistent basis requiring repair, I don't see how this could be balanced. It'd allow a faster transport than walking and while it would be slower than vehicles it'd have none of the upkeep.
the more mundane stuff you put in the game, the more the focus shifts to the mundane, which detracts from the action and intrigue IMO.
No reason bicycles and skateboards can't be rolled into Mechanic territory for repairs. Which would be great, it would give Mechanics more to do. Which is an area of the game that I think needs more things to do. I'm on the fence about regular repairs needing to be made though. Taking damage when crashing like anything else would be okay by me. But W/E I can see the point you're making Crashdown.

I disagree, bicycles and skateboards have potential to add a lot of RP above and beyond just being mundane. It's another thing to be stolen for one thing. Being able to grapple someone riding by on one would be a good touch. As I said before it could make more work for mechanics too. And I'm really liking the idea of Skateboard gangs.

A few con for bicycles come to mind.

1. Biking around Red without getting knocked over / running into someone / crashing should be difficult. The way the rooms are @desc'd makes it seems like most of the sector is extremely crowded with pedestrians.

2. Bikes could be limited to a single sector. As others have suggested, Bikes + Express Tubes = SPLAT. Also they could be disallowed on the maglev.

3. Theft. Pretty much speaks for itself.

No reason you can't be both. Maybe your a cold blooded ganger with a soft spot for his decked out bicycle, a forbidden love you keep secret from all of your chums.


I think the balance issues are the important aspect here. The 'grim' and 'cool' shit is subjective. An entire Gibson novel revolved around a bike courier. We have bartenders and coffee baristas and HR managers and gangers called 'the Snakes' which is pretty goddamn mundane. There's more to grit than the surface details.