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Badlands fauna
Didn't find a post about new suggestions, so here we are.

While there's multiple different kinds of critters roaming the badlands, I personally would love to see more. The badlands surrounding Withmore city are supposed to be dangerous, and don't get me wrong, they are. Somehow I just feel there's a lack of variety when it comes to critters, that's why I would love to see an increase in them, and new additions as well. Proposing a new species to be introduced to the sand dune areas of the badlands, Giant mutated ANTLIONS with hidden pits a careless badlands dweller could fall into and get grappled and naturally attacked by. Looking something like this:

The giant mutated antlion is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is easily the size of a small car, with massive mandibles that protrude from its head. Its body is covered in a thick exoskeleton that seems to glint in the sunlight.

The antlion's head is particularly striking, with massive mandibles that protrude from its face. They are easily as long as your arm, and you can see that they are razor-sharp, designed to slice through the tough exoskeletons of other insects. The antlion's eyes are large and multifaceted, giving it an almost otherworldly appearance. It's legs are powerful and agile, designed to move quickly through the sand as it hunts for prey. Each leg is covered in small spines that help it grip the sand, and you can see that the antlion is easily able to move its legs independently of one another, allowing it to make quick and sudden turns as it chases its prey.

The antlion moves quickly, darting around the bottom of the pit as it searches for prey. Its movements are jerky and unpredictable, and you can see that it is hungry and ready to attack.

I believe ReeferMadness created an entire thread just for badlands bees too. Sometime in the last year. I think he had a script for them too or something.