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Badlands critter footprints.
Bee weevy weevy quiet, we've hunting wabbits.

Opinions on telling the difference between badlands critter and human footprints out in the badlands?

I would personally be thrilled to be able to track down a critters by their footprints with the track code we already have.

So, I think you should be able to tell the difference, the issue I think we have is that we have auto spawning critters, and they walk from place a to place b and then unspawn. I don't want people following random tracks to nowhere as that is frustrating. Might need to refactor this system so it is more usable-- maybe if the NPC despawns it removes their tracks or something, that way if you find something you know it is legit and worth following.
I would like that Slither, very much :)
Maybe go the Diablo 3 route where every creature has a spawning 'pit' which as eggs or whatever so the goal is to identify where the critter spawned from not just find the critter.
Locateable spawning points would be cool. More critters in general. Maybe make them stick around too so players can actually find them.