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Automatic revival of dead patients?

Dear coders,

I suggest that NPCs working in clinics (FullerMed, WEC, AWC, etc) automatically zap dead people back to life before they become corpses when they're dragged in. Or at least, make them recognize a 'to Revive ' command instead of making it auomatic. I suppose this could make sense since the doctors will automatically patch you up if you're bleeding or in a very beat state, however it has been already two times that people have died at my character's arms simply because there were no available GMs to puppet a NPC, even when there were three people in the room frenetically yelling at them 'REVIVE HIM!!!!', making the RP somewhat messier. Hence my suggestion.

Please consider my humble words, and thank you.

Isn't 'resuscitate' the trigger word to make a doctor revive someone?
Dear Players,

Please, please, please, use the search.

-- S

But Slither, I don't think he means chars that were executed, I thibk he's referring to chars that are 'beginning to die'.

No, villa?

The other post starts out: "I was just wondering why NPC doctors are unable to resuscitate the recently deceased without GM intervention?"

Isn't that what this topic is about?

Nope, he means why don't docs auto try to rez someone. I suggested he was using the wrong keyword to trigger the auto response.
There is no way to do this automatically. It is strictly done by GMs and always has been. The discussion could be about why this is... if we want it this way... what the benefits / issues with it are.

That way, we can make a case for making it automated like heal!

- S

I was looking for a way to NPCs recognize a "revive" command to begin the zapping sequence to bring back to life characters whose look_place appears as "Character McCharacterface is laying here, dead" but aren't corpses yet, GMs will usually respond, puppet, and zap them back to life and charge you a small fee, and you can also pray that a PC is posted at the clinic and can help you, but that is usually not the case. So why not allow NPCs to revive people who have recently dead, and have them automatically charge you an amount (like when you ask them to heal you)? That way we don't have to bother you people nor have characters die simply because no GM was available to puppet a doctor.

In the past GMs have said that if within 30 seconds of trying to revive someone through a NPC there was no response, you could ask over 'xhelp', but to me this sounds like a hack. What if even then, there are no available GMs? It's just immersion breaking when you have the IC means and reasons to rescue a friend (or a foe) from their death, perhaps leading to more indepth RP, you could milk a favour out of them in exchange, instead of creating an awkward scene where everyone yells at the doctor to no avail and the dead person becomes a corpse. This being said, I understand that not all doctors will have IC reasons to revive everyone no matter what, but with some code you can add a sort of blacklist or automatically add a @note with the involved parties when it happens, not to mention that it would be supposed to cost a fee like healing.

LOL then I've been lucky with my puppets then ;-)