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Auto financing
No money down!

Ok, this is a half cocked idea, but would it create RP/urgency to make more money to afford the payments at 35% service mixer apr as well as ic work for repo men or is this just the ultimate portal to vehicle purchase abuse?

I don't think it's a bad idea.

IRL people who have nice jobs still do things like get financing for cars. They pay off the car over time, by that time the car is kinda worn out and they sell it off to someone who can't afford it new.

There could be conditions of course; no legal job no chance!

Work entry level at NLM? Sure, 8%

Filthy corpse hauler for the city? 35% with a repo man on standby should you be an hour late you nasty trash golem.

Vehicles could have gps trackers.

They could have an option for repo men to spit out a car in storage to prevent abuse.

What happens is someone steals it? Does the car dealer hire a repo-man to get it back from the thief or is the buyer on the hook for it, even though they lost the car--or both? Definitely some interesting scenarios with this.
The dealer still holds the title. Call the law! Disable the car remotely! I dunno how advanced these dealers ould be in ‘03!
I don't like undermining the fact that things are priced to be specifically restricted to certain levels of success.

Unless of course we have enough coding cycles to code up a whole loan management system and enforcement ala Repo Men for collecting legally.

Makes sense, and I get that. I thought it was a noble idea though :D
I love the idea, and though I know that that would constitute a lot of work; if loan management does ever come to be, I suggest there be an avenue for cyberwares as well (and their respective 'repo'-men) though these things can already exist as long as there are benefactor's creating a market (willing to take the chance to make a killing off of naive or hungry victims willing to sign or sell their soul for material desires.)
I remember when a duo was 50k lol.

If we are talking “priced for levels of success” would it be out of realm of possibility to only offer a tier of vehicles for this? Only available to corporate citizens for your new models topside, but Kro’s will put you in a 2084 Honda-Mitsu raider or 2075 Honda-mitsu Odyssey mini van with 6098753 miles?

As for a loan system, could it be a modified version of what a certain npc loans out? I don’t imagine EVERYONE doing this ((but then again they could and it could get out of control)) Anyways, just kicking the idea around.

Also +1 for chrome financing. Think of the poor children that can’t afford the cyberarm they lost at daycare and can’t afford the replacement with their dead parents and caregiver working 25 hours a day at SHI you heartless cucks!

This 'repo men' thing reminds me of the movie of the same name. Loved the movie, and it's very themely that characters like that would exist - I'd love it if they were actual 'corporate workers' in a sense that they were employed by SK - on the subject of chrome.

If anybody's seen the movie, you'll get what I mean - Jude Law is one of my favourite actors and I think it's -very- cyberpunky.

Why reposess when you can rob?
RangerKrauser - check out 'Repo: The genetic opera'. Lil cheesy and 80-ish but what can you expect with Paris Hilton. Kind of a cyberpunk Rocky Horror.