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Animal handling/training skill

This will be disorganized. I rely on anyone interested to maybe help tease a feasible idea out of this:

I like the idea of possibly adding a new skill for handling animals, taming wild ones, teaching tricks, tracking, etc. I understand this may not be feasible at all, but I think it would be fun to talk about anyway. It is an RP and economy stimulating skill in theory. And personally I just like the idea of someone training sewer rats to deliver messages, or cats and dogs to bring as backup.

Debra the Dune Dragon tamer.
Exaaactly. Epic level Cyperpunk druids just got duneys as henchmen. And they milk spiders for venom.
Or just find a park pup to train and sell as a pet.
Guard your apartment with a horde of sewer rats!

Mix Lyfe.

I love it, I'm perming myself to roll a CP rooftop-dwelling carrier pidgeon keeper, for all that sweet paydata that can't be trusted on electronic networks! :D

Seriously though. Nice idea, but I can't personally think of much to add constructively in terms of making it a viable oprion for this particular game, well, except...

I do know where you can find lots of immies, and a tailor who can make amazing dog onesies ;)

Dog fights.
the Bowery King
I love this idea, I don't care if it's not themely. Make monster hunting a thing. Supplement your crew with sewer rats and park dogs.
If all of the females in game weren’t curvy with big butts maybe we could keep some dogs and rats in the squad.


To be real though it’s Sindome not pokemans


You must mean Pokemon, grandpa. (Joke)

But the carrier pigeon idea is rather interesting. Some rooms descs do mention birds.

Themely-ness depends on implementation and context.

Wastelanders with attack dogs, fuck yes.

Mixers with all manner of dog / rat / sewer crocodile pit fighting with betting and shit? Sign me up.

The Red Ike had a pet dune dragon named Mittens, true fucking story, don't @ me, I was there.