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Animal Handling
Taming and taking care of pets??? :o

This may sound absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic, but one thing I've thought about is (trying to exclude as much IC info as I can and still make this suggestion) how there's a certain NPC in a certain store in the Red sector that has NPC-dogs that supposedly are tame. I think this could suggest that the feral dogs, if just some rare amongst them, can be tamed. Since animal cloning for pets seem mostly accessible for topsider citizens, I think it would be really cool if 'animal handling' or something similarly could be an implemented skill in the future. Sorry if I'm making any incorrect statements or mentioning anything I shouldn't.
Instead of animal taming, maybe a similar store in that IC location that sells mix-based pets?The NPC shop keeper tames them, producing nearly feral animals, maybe that will react to you in a hostile manner if you don't feed them or similar, and with descriptions to make them more ragged and mix based.
Because for the longest time I have wanted a ragged, hyena looking dog to stroke as a mix character and haven't been able to.
That, too, is a good suggestion. I am just not sure what would work out and how in the Mix regarding tamed animals, since it has to be on theme as well.
This needs to be a donation option, especially since Cerb mentioned having an easier time making new creatures.
Pets have got to be one of the most useless additions to the game and takes a fair amount of manual work from a staff member with permissions.

Until the current RePet process gets packaged into a terminal and dog generation isn't manual, I am going to argue against adding any other sorts of 'pets' to the game.

I know people enjoy the idea of having customized things for their character and standing out more, but in the Mix your pet is more likely to be stolen and eaten than appreciated. I think this is why we don't see many Mixers with dogs walking around..

Baka, that shit is gonna die and you gonna end up paying TWO clone fees.

I wouldn't want a pet to stand out or to have customized shit, but more for protection and/or company at wherever I live.

But yeah, I understand. Either way, it's a suggestion as I would really look forward to seeing something like that in the future.

Thematically... I don't think there is much of a market. Mixers have. Hard enough feeding themselves and their kids let alone animals. It really does seem more like a corpie thing and any mixer who can afford it could afford a suit to go pretend to be a corpie topside and get a pet.
I just got the idea from an NPC on Red having guard dogs or something like that, without spoiling too much. Which made me think maybe the more successful mixers could gain something like that.

But yeah, I understand your points.

I think there's more theme there then some are granting, with a lot of potential code overlap (disclaimer: I am obviously Not A Builder, heh) with expansions to the Rigging system, AI combat drone bots blah blah, but I really have no idea of the state of such things in game and imagine they're kinda of far on the dream list right now code-wise, so I understand where the admin are coming from. Fair enough.
That's what I figure too, that there's far more important things ahead of so many other things. Just saying if this is a possible option in the far-away future, I'd be glad to've suggested the idea.
Maybe try making friends with some wild dogs and maybe a gm will notice the efforts?
I suppose that could work, if it's ICly possible to figure out how to not be attacked on sight, aheh.