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An Option to Disable Command Hints
Unless there already is one I can't find...

I personally don't like them and never read them and just tend to get irritated by them. At the same, time I think they are GREAT for newer players.

So maybe have them on by default so newer players can learn but have an option to turn them off so more experienced players can choose not to have to see them at all.

Might even reduce load on the moo as a large number of players might turn them off and then there will be fewer instances of needing to search for the list of commands that might fit the erroneous input.

This has always been possible. Use the login on the webclient with your website account and then hit options. Then disable command hints with the toggle.

I believe you may be able to do this with @client-options as well when connected.

Turning the webclient command suggestions off doesn't affect the Searching Command Hints ... you sometimes get when entering something that's not recognised as a command.

That is independent of any specific client.

I apologize for not being more clear! I am talking about what Beandip mentioned.
There's other discussions on this here and here but with the same webclient solution that is not actually related, so I'm going to just re-voice the same opinion again here.

Defaulting to giving a list of near command matches when commands get mistyped or aren't clear enough might be a good idea for new players but it's really, really annoying otherwise and I would continue to love a way to disable them.

Its a bit of a flood of text for sure and makes a simple typo all the more jarring. I'd really like if we could turn that off.
When you type “c” but realize you’re already in your closet 😭😭😭
I think possibly a solution that still keeps the hints when they're needed could be to make the command hints show up if the command that was sent is 3 letters or more.
I'd much rather just be able to disable them forever via an @options flag.

A separate command to search command hints for anything makes a lot more sense to me than just sending a page of search results unsolicited by default, but that is probably more dev work than just an @options flag that lets players turn them off.

Yes please god. Every time I mistype a command it's like getting punched in the face with text D: