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Ambient Vehicles suggestion
This is a persistent issue on my and other players parts

This is something that I have noticed. And I feel it needs to be addressed.

Whenever a vehicle is involved in something in someway. It tends to be the target of scrutiny, even when there is very little to go off of.

Inevitably, someone, gets a hair up their ass and decides to walk the mix, looking for "That one Blue Cricket" or whatever. Denying the fact that there are hundreds of vehicles on every corner.

Something that might help convey the idea, and this might be easy, it might be hard. It came to me as I was chatting with xhelp about something.

If a vehicle is in the room, sitting idley, passing through what have you, have the room desc in the same section of the room, a cricket, and (NUMBER) others are parked here. A Desert Rat buggy and (NUMBER) more are parked her.

This number could be derived from crowd stat, or it could be whole cloth generated with the look command, it could be something tracked on the back end, or as simulationist as is needed. But I believe that it would convey the ambient vehicle population better than the current system.

It could also be used to enforce the wealth divide, with Green and Blue having comparitively fewer cars to Red and Gold.

Another additional step might be to make the vehicles hidden until you type a command in the room or from within a vehicle. Kind of a, "Dude where's my car" Command. But that command would expose the cars that are there, but could also present a general "how many other cars are here" style display.

An example of that output might be.


A cricket is parked here, amongst thousands of others. CHUG'S DRIVE IN is utterly filled with vehicles, there's barely any space to maneuver.

What do you all think? Because I have noticed this as a problem, and not just on my part. Any other, simpler solutions?

I would love something like this. Even just vehicles that do similar to what the disguise people do, just being around or driving about occasionally, though maybe to not the same extent.
Use the vehicles as clean up for ambient pop, running them over occasionally, making additional work for PCs

We really need ambient pop vehicles.
Mixers can afford vehicles? Color me shocked.
I mean...both with the addition of junkyards, and the ambient description vehicles, they aren't unheard of. Rare, for the average mixer, but they are prevalent.
Well, remember the poor parts of the city in Cyberpunk 2077? Yeah, that's what I imagine their cars to be like, dirty, fucked up, etc, instead of shiny, new vehicles. That should be part of the ambient pop in the Red if we're going to have one.
This would be cool and help remove some smallworlding. Great idea.
This has been suggested before and it's likely to pose some serious issues with bloat and spam. I have a hard time believing there's seriously that much issue with smallworlding that it's going to need rectified by having to maintain several dozens of ambient vehicles being spawned, moved around and despawned across sectors at once.
Hence why my suggestions were entirely sided on ambient messaging rather than on generating more vehicles(Which are BIG items DB wise, even if they are somehow compacted and don't store all the parts informations as well. Every vehicle has a lot of data it stores directly in the game world, and thus the DB.)

I would say that, especially concerned with actual vehicle object's there are enough already right now for purposes of presenting a active world. I do not think there is enough of an OBVIOUS sign of the ambient population, however. I think there is room for something like [CROWDED] in rooms, and the like for drivers and vehicles.

Not something incredibly obvious, but something that's just, "Hey, there's a lot more than just these 3 vehicles here."