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Ambient messages per sector

Along the lines of more NPCs wandering around, I think more ambient messages would be really cool to see. Something similar to the randomized messages that you see in the Mix after the room description, these would be similarly written but would appear randomly in rooms, giving the streets the feeling of being more alive.

A few ideas:


You hear the crack of gunfire in the distance.

A car screeches wildly around the corner and blazes down the road.

A woman screams in the distance.

A group of gangers shove a weak looking shirt to the ground and demand payment for safe passage.

A street fixer calls out in , shaking a tray of ancient looking progias.


A steady stream of traffic rolls down the roads.

A dirt-covered courier is stopped by a Judge who begins questioning them about their destination and identity.

A WJF AV cruises overhead at a slow, steady pace, kicking up dust and a few chy notes into the air.


Well, I don't spend enough time in Green to have some good ideas, but you get the picture.

I really like the idea of this, more variety with the messages would be pretty neat.
This can get spammy. That's why we include ambiance messages in the rooms 'look'. If you type look multiple times, you get different messages, based on the area of the game you are in.

We have this kind of thing in the sewers though.

I will be honest, I've considered ideas like this, but in the end, it becomes white noise.

We used to have a thing that would send out a random sic message from our list of 1000+ random sics that can be sent by an admin, and it ran every 15 minutes. Players actually stopped using the SIC because the entire public channel seemed like white noise. I just see the same thing happening here.

I rather dislike the sewer messages, but I think ambient echos in the most virtually populated rooms could add atmosphere. I'm thinking like the busiest bar in each sector and big intersections of streets.