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Alternating @worn colors

If you're wearing a lot of clothes, or just a few items of clothing that cover a lot, you might end up with your description being one big, grey paragraph where it's kind of hard to keep track of which line you're on, and where one clothing item ends and another begins.

I think a nice way of resolving this would be for clothing items' @worn descriptions to alternate in color between the current grey and a lighter/darker grey, kind of like when you see a table and its rows are alternating colors:

That way, if someone's got several clothing @worn-s next to each other, it'll be easier on the eyes and easier to know which item's description you're reading.

Did you mean to have the screenshot be something about display tables instead of something else?
Yes, I'm showing what I mean by 'alternating colors'. Look at the rows.
The only problem I have with this is that it's going to be extremely hard on players' eyes because the wall of text would go from a readable gray interrupted by a splash of color to entire bleeding walls of texts, or completely unreadable sections depending on the color option selected. I'm not sure I could handle coral, black, pink, and lime green descriptions bleeding together in paragraphs.
oh no i just meant the @worns going from like grey to slightly darker grey, the color of the item will still work exactly the same
I think, if I'm reading you right, that you are asking that the different fashion pieces display in alternating colors, like that one busted TV that displays texts in alternating colors?

If so, then I vaguely support broken TV vision for clothing.

I have made a mockup of what I believe they are suggesting.

Naturally this would be surrounded by uncovered nakeds in skintone color text, as well.

yes that's exactly what i meant, thank you
Oh, to better see where one piece ends and another begins? I like that.
I like this too.
It's the season for new summer outfits and I really love this idea, hope it might be possible to be implemented!
gotta make sure the text colors don't blend in with skintones, though
Maybe they could be light grey and dark grey, similar to PCow's example? Just a little bit of extra contrast.