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Alternate kill messages
His neck's all floppy

Okay, I just got done reading the attack/kill differentiation thread, and came with an idea.

Neck snapping, is a pretty weird way to kill someone, and requires a great deal of dexterity and strength, as well as being something you may not resort to in an actual fight as your means of killing someone. It's more the trained killer tactic (in my view)

I'll tl;dr this, during my 6am haze: Can we have some suggestions and potential for alternate kill messages on bare-handed/melee weapons. For instance, if you're holding something you could bludgeon someone to death with (Cricket bat, bo staff, aluminum bat, dildo?) Or a small blade. Instead of getting the neck-snap, you'd opt to use a message for this tool, like repeatedly batting their skull, or stabbing them in the throat etc.

Furthermore, different options for unarmed skills. Perhaps via player choice? Stomping on heads, crushing windpipe with boots etc. This won't replace neck snapping, but could add a bit more flavor.


Bro, do u even murder?
You can always just rp it out honestly
It is in my experience that you only necksnap if you are not holding your weapon of choice. You should be getting weapon-specific murder messages.

Grab a bat. Find a hobo. Experiment.

Swords and guns definitely have their own messages for the killing blow. I think I've seen people still necksnap with knives and bo staves and stuff though.
We're already planning on trying to implement custom kill_msgs that would be purchased as a membership due reward as one of the options to replace Perma Pads.
Only guns and a few close range weapons have unique messages. In all other cases you necksnap even though you have a knife or whatever. So there is room to add those to weapons that don't have them.
Sometimes there's no time to rp it out when you want to make a quick getaway and you think the baka you just clapped up called in reinforcements.

This is a cool idea.

Huh i swore you got a message about smashing skulls into oblivion with a bat or something.
What Vera said. You necksnap with most weapons, and only a few have custom kills. I know for certain guns have a custom. As Cerb said though, a membership option for custom set kill messages would 100% be great.
there's definitely distinct kill messages for all guns, katanas, bokkens, batons. not too sure about the lesser swords and other melee weapons. and none for knives
You open your Tony's Pizza Box and clamp it over Dan's unmoving head. You press down hard on both sides, feeling pepperoni and vat-grown tomato sauce suffocating him. With a violent jerk, Dan seizes and relaxes, pizza'd into the next world.